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netflix free trial : Netflix free trial without credit card



Showing you how to get netflix free trial: and how to get netflix free trial without credit card

There are lots of people out there who love watching movies but unfortunately don't have what it take to get them, most of which is where to get those movies from

It is well known that netflix mostly do have movies available on their website before others do, but then we all have to pay for monthly subscription to have access to those movies and shows

Anyway, here is the good news; I would be showing you how to get the netflix free trial without credit card

Let's dig in .....

What is netflix all about
Netflix is an online platform where movies, TV shows and documentaries are being made available

And as explained earlier, you can actually stream movies or tv shows of your choice right on their website.

You can also choose to download the movies/shows but sadly not everyone can do that .

Yes, not everyone has the great opportunity to watch or download movies from netflix because it is a premium website; without you paying you can't have access to the goodies available on the netflix (😦)

So i decide here to see if I can really get in to those movies without paying a dime .

netflix test Sad result
Oh!, this is what I hit immediately I open their app

And the one below is what I see after visiting their website

Oh. I will have to pay in other to get access to the account

So I can also John the millions others to stream and download movies.

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How much does netflix cost per month
So I also decide to check out their pricing and yes it is very much ok

Below is the netflix pricing.

The netflix premium has three different plan

The basic plan

The standard paln

And the premium plan

Stiil on:

Netflix free trial hack: how to get netflix free trial

The basic plan
With this plan, with the cost of $8.99 monthly, you would be guarantee a good video quality

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And with the same plan, you get 480p resolution

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Good, also provided with a good video quality

The standard plan
With the best which is available after the basic plan, with the cost of $13.99 monthly subscription

You are being provided with a better video quality than that of the basic plan and with the resolution of 1080p which is pretty much better than the basic plan resolution

The premium plan
With a monthly cost of $17.99, you have the chance to stream or download only movies or program from netflix.

With the best video quality which is far more good than the basic and the standard plan

And it resolution at 4k+HDR which is great!

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The netflix free catch
So here is how you can get the netflix account without paying a dime

There we go!

There are ways in which we can use in getting the netflix for free, yes, I am currently making use of one of the method shared here.

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Those methods are

The credit card method

The PayPal method

The app method

The credit card method
Some times ago, lots of people do make use of the credit card method but then when netflix discover that lots of people now use fake credit card they then upgrade there system which would debit $1 from the account then return once it has successfully make sure you are not using the fake credit card

So since the credit card method can't, kindly make use of your credit

Sign up on netflix by using guarantee gmail (you can Create on yourself) then make use of your credit card to get their triel.

It is very much important to cancel the trial before the 30 days elapse.

The PayPal method
So a lot of people are claiming that Paypal work while trying the get the netflix free trial.

About that !, i have not tried out this method to confirm if it really work

You can try it out and see if it work, but do remember to cancel the subscription after about 19 days to avoid charges.

The app method
Yes, this is just the method I have being making use of right from time.

I get access to the netflix premium by just installing the apk on my android

And the most amazing part is that any one can stream videos and also download.

Note: the app need to get get updated regularly when the need arise.

And with this I was able to make use of netflix in downloading movies of my choose

Conclusion on: netflix free trial and how to get netflix free trial without credit card

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Thursday, September 9, 2021

Opera mini hype referral: how to make money with opera mini hype



With opera mini hype referral you could be making some money in a smart way.

This is a detailed post on how to make money with opera mini hype

Hi there, recently opera mini added another way to make money for anyone who want to make money

Funny enough, everyone want to make money but then not all are smart or should I make use of the word serious

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Hype is a program built into the opera mini app which allow users to chat, share and browse their favorite all in one app

There are lots of things you can use hype for which one of it is making money with the same program (coming to that)

Free browsing on hype

You can also browse and chat for free using the hype which is built into the opera mini browser

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already has the free browsing which was released sometime ago but with the hype added now you can now chat for free using hype without the need to subscribe to any data plan

Opera mini hype referral: how to make money with opera mini hype


The opera mini hype also has beautiful stickers available for it user

Which I also made available in the hype program features

Hype includes WebSnap

hype also allows user to take screen shot right from the bar 

And also has emojis in it.


The opera mini hype also allows it's users to create their own stickers.

And that is that. 😀

Now !

How can you make money with opera mini hype

To start making money with the opera mini hype

Kindly download the browser from google play story

Also read : capital one upgrade link


Then click on the hype icon and put in your number for verification purpose.

How opera mini hype works

It's referral !

Yes, even though it where people can get connected to each other

Opera mini hype also allows user to make money when they refer others to join the program

But sadly this program is only available for nigerian

And this  is how it work

Also read. : 

Bad credit urban bcl loan

You get #200 per person you refer to join the program

Which mean if you can get 10 new users to join you will make #2000

And you referring 50 good referrals will attract a bonus of #1000 for you 😍

And 100 good referrals will attract a bonus of #5000





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Thursday, September 2, 2021

audiomack to mp3: how to download music from audiomack to phone

 audiomack to mp3: how to download music from audiomack to phone




audiomack to mp3, how to download music from audiomack to phone

Have you ever listen to a music on audiomack and wish you have that song available on your phone ?

Yes, i also have lots of them i do wish i have on my phone also

For me not to bother opening my audiomack app for the music again

So here I will show you how to download music from audiomack to your phone in very easy steps.

What is audiomack

Audiomack is an on-demand and fast growing music streaming and music discovery platform owned by Dave Macli 

How popular is Audiomack?

Audiomack launched in the year 2012 is currently boasting of over 17 million monthly users

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Why do people use Audiomack?

There are different reasons why people make use of audiomack.

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The very first reason why people make use of audiomack is just for them to stream music/songs

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While some other people (musicians) upload their music for people to listen to them there by they are promoting there song

Is Audiomack free

Audiomack is completely free, until it owner decide to turn it into a paid platform


Is Audiomack app safe ?

Yes audiomack is safe for all users

Can you go to jail for downloading music?

Never and never no one can go to jail for downloading music, if I should be arrested for that now then I should be writing from my own locked cell 😂

music is available for everyone to listen to and get entertained

Does Audiomack use Internet?

You only need internet when you want to stream the music right on the platform, and when you want to download the music.

So, yes audiomack need internet to stream and download music

How to create account on audiomack

Download the audiomack app

Open the app and move to "my library"

Sign up to audiomack so you can search and download music of your choice.

How to download music from audiomack

Follow the next steps carefully


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Now search out for the musical you want to download from audiomack to your phone using the search bar at the bottled of the app



Then type the name of the song you need

With me here I typed thunder fire you since that is what I need to download



And that is the song I need to download

Now click on the three dot showing right on the right side of the app and click "copy link"



Or you can click the song and click on the share button


After you must have copy the link, kindly visit audiomack downloader  or click here

Paste in the link you copied earlier into the box and click the search bar beside the box


Now wait while the link is being made available for you to download the music


Boom !, that is the download button showing

Click on it and it would be downloaded to your phone offline immediately


Still on: audiomack to mp3 : how to download music from audiomack to phone


How do you play music on Audiomack?


You either need to search for a song you wish to listen to on audiomack or you check through the list of songs you have downloaded on audiomack offline.

Conclusion: having learn how to download music from audiomack to phone

Topic: audiomack to mp3: how to download music from audiomack to phone

Is audiomack on playstore?

Yes, audiomack is very much available on playstore for download which you also can download using this link



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Thursday, August 5, 2021

how to increase whatsapp status views 2022


How to increase whatsapp status views

There are 2 ways to increase the number of times your status updates are viewed by other Whatsapp users. The first is to take a photo or video, and the second is to write an update that is entertaining or informative.

Methods to increasing status views

The first way you can increase the number of views on your status update is to take a photo or video with multiple people in it – this will get attention because more people want to see what others are up-to-date with.

The second way you can increase the number of views on your status update is to write an update which is entertaining or informative.

You can also add Whatsapp stickers to your status update, however this has limited benefit because people will not see them unless they have already added that sticker. Adding Whatsapp stickers to your text update will not increase your view count because they do not show in the  Whatsapp status screen.

When you send a status update you are showing other users what is currently happening with yourself. Because of this, the best type of message to send will be one that shows those around you that something has changed with you, or that something has happened at all.

When using Whatsapp, you may have noticed that most of the people you are messaging have been constantly updating with statuses, and that their message updates are virtually unreadable. This is because nobody else gets to see these messages and they are simply being wasted.

Whenever someone sends a status update, the app will show this update to all  of their contacts. However, the amount of people this update reaches is limited to only those who are within your phone contact list. This means that only a few people will be able to see your status updates.

The goal is to increase the number of people who can see your update. The best way to do this is by taking a photo or video, or writing an update that is entertaining or informative. Both of these methods will show the user what has changed with you, and will also increase the number of people who can see it due to more users getting curious.

A great way to take photos is by using your smartphone's camera app. This is because it will take photos automatically, and also allows you to do things like record videos and take long exposures of the sky. Another side benefit of taking photos with your camera app is that you can use it to take selfies.

How to increase whatsapp status views


When taking a selfie, be sure not to position yourself so that your head is in the middle or the center. Instead, try to place yourself on either side of the phone, or at an angle where there are no direct lines for anyone looking at the screen to see what you are looking at.

Whatsapp Status Pictures

A notable trend lately has been the addition of images to Whatsapp status updates. Some people adorn their status updates with multiple pictures, while others simply attach a single image to their message. As you can likely see, adding a single image will not change the amount of views an update gets. The main benefit received from adding images is that it forces your eyes to focus on one thing for longer, and also adds an artificial sense of length to your message.


This does not mean you should add multiple images to your message. On the contrary, you should try and keep your status updates as short as possible. This is because long messages will not provide sufficient information, and will bore people after reading the first two or three lines.

In addition to this, users who read your message will get distracted by pictures in the update. They'll look at it while waiting for a message to load, only to be lost in what you're trying to say. Therefore, it is best to avoid adding images to a status update and instead focus on simple words.

The best way to write a good Whatsapp status update is to keep things short and simple. You can do this by limiting your message to just one or two sentences. This will provide other users with the information they need, while keeping them engaged for the amount of time it takes to read one or two sentences.

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In addition, you should also try and avoid using slang in your message. This is because using slang can make it easier for other users to misunderstand you, thus causing you to lose their interest. Furthermore, if your message does contain any slang words, then other users will have a hard time understanding your message.

For instance, you could write the following sentence saying "I'm having baely burgers with my dally roll". Other users would not understand this message because they wouldn't be sure what words are being used. This means that the message is essentially useless.

Still on: how to increase whatsapp status views

The objective of any voice message using Whatsapp is to make the recipient feel as if they are having a real conversation with you, while also giving them valuable information. This means the best way to write a voice message is to use short sentences which contain vital information, and to avoid slang and unnecessary words.

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Whatsapp Status Lines


Another side effect of Whatsapp status updates is that Users can simply add more status update lines onto their status stream in order to keep their friends updated on what they're up-to-date with.

This is pointless because you actually won't know if a line has been added to your status update unless you see the others in your contact list. So don't waste your time by adding lines onto your status update when you could be using it for more important things.

The only time when adding line updates to your status is really worth doing is if there already exists a long status message and you want to add a new line.

This is because adding a new line to your status will make it look more organized and clear. Plus, if there already exists a long status update then you could be in the mood to make up another one.

The most important thing when sending Whatsapp Status Lines is that they should be short and to the point. They should contain no unnecessary words or sentences, or mean nothing at all. In this way, they will serve to simply inform others about what you are doing, and won't lose their interest.

The only exception to this rule is if your status update already includes a lot of content and you want to add a new line of text. This way, you will be able to make both posts look more organized.

Whatsapp Status Videos


There's no doubt that videos are very entertaining for your friends on Whatsapp. This is because people are more inclined to watch a video rather than read text.

People also tend to enjoy receiving videos more than they do receiving status updates. This is because the act of receiving a video shows that the person you are communicating with is actually paying attention.

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You can also use videos to make your Whatsapp status update look more interesting and entertaining, especially if you use them for important updates.


Topic : how to increase whatsapp status views

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Thursday, July 15, 2021

How to start vlogging with phone


Want to start vlogging but currently have no camera to start out ?

Here I will show you how to start vlogging with phone (how to vlog with with your phone)

Welcome to the  ultimate guide where I will be showing you how to start your own youtube channel with you having to use your phone.

It is what many believe that without having a digital camera, they can't start a youtube channel of their own

A year back I created a youtube video without me having access to a digital camera all with my phone and yes it is very much OK

And there are lots of people who have  also done same thing with their phone and are getting result with it

Shall we ?


History about YouTube

YouTube is an online video sharing platform,

Which was created by three former paypal employees in the year February 2005

But then the following year (2006) google bought the site and since then have being the sole owner of one of the biggest online platform ever available

Through which users can login, watch videos, comments and like or dislike videos

And the great part is that anyone can upload videos on the platform as well .

is youtube free to watch

This is just one among the questions people ask when they want to watch videos on Youtube

Since it has being available to everyone who need an information or tutorial about something.

Youtube is free to watch from

No need of making payment, just connect to your WiFi or data to stream videos for free

Getting a youtube channel idea

Before thinking of creating a youtube channel, it is very much important you know what you want to share with your audience

This way your audience would be sure on what your channel is all about

E.g creating a video about "best laptop for watching movies"

Then creating another video on "best city to visit before you turn 60"

With this your audience won't know what your target is.

But creating a channel around laptops and computers, has made them know that all you share are all about computers and nothing more



This way you have the ability of retaining your audience and making them subscribe to your channel

Now let's quickly go through on what you can start blogging on .

Here I would be making use of two free tool to do this

The first is the powerful search engine (

I would be making use of that in getting what to vlog on (my target)

I put in my key phrase (laptops)

Then move below

Since I would like to create my channel around it

Then I move below to see more suggestions

(Though not important)

Now I did something to see if it would be very much ok if I go into that niche (area)

I just click the search bar and added the word "b"


I got this.


This shows that people are really interested about laptops which means there is chance of getting to your audience by targeting laptops

Setting up your youtube channel

Now let's setup the channel and start in no time

Move over to youtube by using the app






Look at the screen shot above and click that

This way we are moving to creating our own youtube channel

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If you click on it you should see the below screen shot




Now click on "your channel"

Boom !

That should show your channel and from the board you should be able to add more to make the channel stand out


 How to start vlogging with phone

Now, in image; put in an image that well describe your channel

In the "name" space

Put in what you would like your channel to be called (known as)




For me , I put in "laptop life" as the name of my channel

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Now click on create channel.

Adding your image

To add images, after clicking on the channel tab



This is available for you to add image if you have not done that.


You can add the description about your channel (what your channel is all about

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The next that shows is av for you to choose either to allow users to see how many subscribers you have

It is very much ok you keep that private for a start then letting it available when you have gotten a lot of subscribers.





Leave the next option the way it is

Now go back and let's go deeper into the steps to creating your videos

Getting your video title idea

You can't just create a video and give it a title of your own

No !, you might regret it

Title idea: manual method

It is very much important, one get a video title before creating videos

In a way to get title for our video, we would make a quick research to get what people are searching for

Title ideas: using tools

We can also get title for our YouTube videos by making use of tools

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Which are available in free and premium

Using google or google search trend

The powerful google has many tools most people don't know about, I visit

Then key in my phrase "best laptop for watching movies"




Since lots of people are searching for it

Then move down to the related searches


Now this are what people are searching for, you can create your video around this by using that as your title

(Still coming to that)


Answerthepublic is a site that provide users with questions google users type on

You can get key phrase from the site and create a video around it

Using Youtube

Youtube is also a great tool for getting title ideas for your youtube video


I decide to move over to youtube and ask question around laptops

And I got the ones you see above

You can also create a video around them

But take note that getting views from youtube might be very difficult since you don't know how competitive those keywords are




And in a way to make it more easier, there is a tool that would help you get them going and help you get views and subscribers within few months of using them

And that is where the tool known as tubebuddy comes in.

Using tubebuddy

Some time ago I decide to make use of tubebuddy, and with it I got some keyword for my next video

How to start Vlogging with phone

Though, I don't put much mind on Vlogging but with that I can get as much title as I want for my next video

Below image shows a keyword I can make use of for my next video after using the tubebuddy tool

You can get the tubebuddy tool here

Creating videos with phone

Now after we must have gotten our needed keywords

We need to start creating videos around them

So that way, we need a digital camera (no!)

Here is how I create my videos

I install the screen recorder app

With which I can record everything happening on my phone

Great part is that you can also video yourself by making use of the same app


You can install the app by following this link

Uploading your videos

To upload your video you can either make use of the youtube app or the youtube studio site

Here I am making use of the app

Visit youtube

Click on the plus sign at the middle of the bottom layout of the app

See image below


The next should show up

Click on upload video



Then choose the video you wish to upload


Then in the next page showing put in the keyword you got from google as your title (that is what people would search for to arrive on your video if you are well optimized for it




Caution: don't download others video to use, youtube might bring down your channel for copyright claim

I receive copyright claim after uploading a video that does not belong to me

See below

After you must have choose the video you wish to upload

Click the upload icon



Congratulations, you have successfully uploaded your first video

Repeat the steps to getting your title ideas and upload more videos

With that you are on your way to getting your chance to stand out from other youtubers

How to start Vlogging with phone

With this I can vlog without me having to use digital camera or what ever but with my android phone

I can reach out to my audience.

Conclusion: you have successfully learn how to start vlogging with phone even if you know nothing about it

Though most people still believe it get more easier when one make use of a video camera in creating videos.

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how to hide friends on facebook lite app (two methods)


This is how to hide friends on facebook lite app easily without the help of anyone

One of the top reason why most people really want to hide their friends away from other is for them to stay safe (I think)

But then during my findings I notice it don't just go that way when I see that people are also asking this:

Can you hide friends on facebook from your spouse.

Quickly, let's get to hide our friends away from those human monitoring device (😁)



Install facebook lite app if you don't have that on your android phone


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Login into your account and move down to "setting"

Move down to the "audience and visibility" section.

Click "how people find and contact you" section


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And this is where we have all other opportunity to setting our account the way we would want it to be.

Now click on "who can see your friends list"

Great, I can now choose from any of the option available.

I can either make it available to the public which most people never change

And I can allow only friends see who my friends are (which i love much that way)

I can also decide to let all friends see who are on my friends list except some friends I might select


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If I really want to do it the other way, I might decide to choose which of the people on my friend list I want to give the space to

Congratulation, you gave successfully choose who you want to give access to in seeing your friend list


How to hide friends on facebook using browser


Hmm, this should also help most people who might prefer making use of their browser instead

Still with your mobile or laptop

Visit the facebook website

Click on the "menu button"

Move down to the footer of the site and click on "help and setting" section

Click on the "setting"

Now move down and check for "how people find and contact you" which is available under the "audience and visibility" section

Now click "who can see your friends list"

Now choose who which ever option you want


The method being used while trying to hide friends on mobile app is a bit different from the method being used on browser

Wrapping up

It is very important you hide who you have as friends on your list, so as to avoid people spying on your friend list

Though, most don't really bother about that but in a way to have my own privacy on the social media network


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Saturday, July 10, 2021

list of ppsspp games under 200mb


Are you looking out for list of ppsspp games under 200mb or more to choose from ?

I have made out list of PSP and

roid games for you to choose from

And they are being listed below


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 Zero chouaniki (japan)

This is a game that consist of action and shooter genre loved by over 2,462 players (it's users)

With 3.3 star rating which it has received so far

The game is available in many trusted website anyone can download from, the ppsspp game has a file size of 147.9mb which is also free from virus.

 Virtual tennis world tour

A tennis game being released for sony PlayStation portable being developed by sumo digital, and released in the year 1 September 2005

Which has received over 12,477 download since it is being released

And just as the rest, this has a file size of 154mb , which need to be used with PlayStation portable

 Untold legends: brotherhood of the blade

This game had being liked by 94% of it users since it was being released

Released in the year 2005  and developed by daybreak game company

Genre: action role - playing game

Has a mode of single and multiplayer mode

This game also has a file size of 129.4

Toy story 3 (m3)

Genre: action, role playing

Mode: can be played offline

Developed by  avalanche software

File size of 172mb


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Still on

List of ppsspp games

Street fight alpha 3 max

A competitive fighting game released in the year 1998 and developed by cap com

Having a total file size of 280mb that is a large a file to say

And there are other action games that looks more like it  also

The game can be played in the morning

The game can be played on the following platform: PlayStation portable, game bay advance, dreamcast, saga Saturn

Shirobido - tales of the ninja

A video game being developed by acquire and being released in the year 2006

Genre: hack and slash,stealth game

An action game which had a file size of about 213 mb and can be played with emulator

Impossible mission  (Europe) 92mb

An action game being released in the year 1994

Platform: emulator, acrone electron commodore

With a file size of 92mb


Conclusion: with the few ones listed I have showed you amazing ppsspp games to download and play


Do share


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