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how to add user to google search console in 8 steps



  Would be showing you how to add user to google search console and all you need to know about google search console


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It is very much important to give permission to a person working on your blog in other for them to see how well the blog is performing and also have access to your site data so as to help the blog perform better


What is google search console

The google search console help website owners measure their site traffic, help fix issues that might occur on the site


google search console  also shows how a site perform and what help it perform better on the search engines.

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What is google search console used for

As explained earlier, google search console can be used for numerous things such as checking website performance



Google search console can also be used to get keywords for a new blog post





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And can also be used to crawl pages and get them index on google search engine.




What does google search console crawl do

The google search console crawler can be used to get blog post index (show) on google



And when submitted, it should show like the image below




What are queries in google search console

Google search console queries are terms which helps people get into our blog posts.

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Google search console queries help us know which keyword term bring in visitors over to our website and help know how to optimize our blog/website for better visibility


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Add user to google search console


How to use google search console

google search console can be used for lots of things which are:

getting new keywords

Indexing blog post

checking links


security issues


to learn more on how to use google search console read here for more guide


How to get google search console

Google search console

Is google search console free

Yes, right from time; google search console had being free for every web master

Now !


How to add user to google search console


Now to add a user to your search console


Open up your search console and click on the three lines available above at the left hand side



Now, move down to setting 

Click on it



Move over to settings which is located among the options listed




Click over on users and permissions which is where we would be adding the user of our choice




Click On the add user icon showing above the listed users available

(Check the screen shot above)




Now in the first box available, put in the user you wish to add up

In the second box available it shows what you want to be available for your new user

Which means being set in full means your user has the chance to see all that is going on in your console

Can also do what ever he wish since he has the full control

But then you can avoid that by restricting the user from having full control

Just Change the full to strict and boom, you have choice what you want your user to have control on.



Congratulations you have successful added a user to your search console, remember your user can take over your blog from you

They only see how your blog perform and also has the keywords that brings in traffic over to it .

With this anyone can easily work on improving the blog performance by working on it base on what he receive from the search console account


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