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10 best affiliate programs in nigeria 2022 (complete list)


Best affiliate programs in nigeria



best affiliate programs in nigeria with high commission after discovering the rate at which people search for affiliate sites, since it is known that you can make as much as you want from affiliate sites, so you decide to look out for affiliate programs that would pay you when you promote there product or services .

Since I notice the rate at which people search for that, I decide to show you best affiliate marketing sites  in nigeria that pay for product you promote

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Below are sites available for you, I would also show you how to start out with each program so you don't get frustrated along the way


1. Jumia

  Jumia is a shopping site available for Africans which include Ghana, Kenya, morocco, Egypt, Cameroon, nigeria and ivory coast

A site where  shoes, shirts, wrist watch, phones, laptops and even recharge card are available to anyone who need them, but here is just one problem which you need to solve

And that is to find a way to market those product over to the right audience who would be interested in what you are promoting to them; with that getting commission from affiliate program you are promoting

Better way to get those product or services to the right audience is either through seo, facebook ads, google ads, or email marketing

It is very much bad to promote a fitness product over to people looking for product that can help them market there there product, and that is a great reason why you should always stick to your niche .

With that being in the right target, you could promote your affiliate product to them


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2. Wakanow

 Wakanow launches it affiliate program for it customers and anyone who can make others book a flight, hotel or visa on wakanow they get rewarded with 0.5% of the transaction amount a customer makes .

Their bank account are directly being credited with the amount of commission they had made at the end of each month

Being founded in the year  2018 wakanow had being providing all its customers online booking portal for hotels, flight, holiday, packages and lot more


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3. Konga

Konga is another affiliate program which sell all we can think of being phones &tablets, electronics, fashion wears, kitchen utensils and many others

There commission range are:
5% for toys/kids products
3% for electronic product
9% for fashion products
3% for home & kitchen products

4. Web4africa

 Web4africa is a domain and hosting provider for webmasters and have there price ranging from  #525 to #3,937.50 per month which is some what crazy but you can promote there hosting and commission

There are better ways to promote such product and are either by free traffic source, google ads or email marketing

5. Domainking

   Actually I bought my first and second domain from Domainking since they are reliable and fast  when it comes to giving there best to there customers for better experience

Having a price rang from #300/month to #1,599/month meaning if I were to choose a hosting platform to buy my hosting from; I would surely buy from Domainking since there price are more lower than that of web4africa .


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6. Whogohost

  Whogohost had received many recognition awards through the years of it existence for the great service it offer in the nigeria hosting market

Also having a price rang of #500/month upward

Still on

best affiliate programs in nigeria available


7. Travelbeta

 A travel site where travelers has the opportunity of booking a flight without leaving the comfort of there home

Meaning if I can bring in a customer who end up booking a flight I could get commission of something not less than #5,000; how great would that be if one is able to bring in  at least 5 customers per month for a start

Take note that going into this affiliate program requires you to be in the travel niche or something more related

8. Bluehost

This is a foreign hosting platform which offers there hosting from #5.95/month where they pay $65 dollars per sale made

9. Fiverr affiliate


Fiverr has a very wide rang of users who has gigs for whosoever need them

Where people offer services like: backlinks building, graphic design, content writing, web design, translating and many more which are not have mention here

You can easily make money from this by writing a topic where you can put in your affiliate link for people to complete a purchase through your link


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10. Seoclark

 This is more similar to how fiverr work; the most interesting part is that you make sales forever per as far people keep on buying through your link

11.  Semrush

One of the too seo tool available all over the world today

Without seo tool ranking on google/getting the best from blogging career would have being very difficult, but with semrush, ahrefs, longtailpro and many other tool made had made blogging easy for all

Secret tips: if you really want to make money through such program; it is advisable you get a keyword tool in other to drive huge traffic over to the product you are promoting

12. Amazon


Though amazon recently slashes commission rate for most product but still yet this remain one of the best affiliate site available today

Though nigerians are facing the difficulty of  joining the program but it can still be solved by prosper noah (check it out)

13. Warrior plus

Warriorplus is an affiliate network similar to jvzoo and clickbank

You earn commission for promoting other people's products, no matter how much he/she put it up for sale (though you have to apply/take permission to promote each product )

Once approved to promote you can take it over to the right audience and make commission when they purchase it through your unique affiliate link

Conclusion: with everything being listed above can you simply drop a comment down letting me know which one you had like to go for and the one you would never like to go for and reason why you choose them

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