Best blogspot seo guide for blogger blog in 5 steps


looking for the best blogspot seo guide that would help you level up your traffic in no time ?; if your answer is yes, then you are in the right place

Most guys around believe so much that ranking on google with a blogspot blog is way difficult, but the truth there is that if you don’t know what it takes to rank on google then that means you setting up your blog on wordpress is just a waste of money

I could clearly remember when I first put up this same topic on a wordpress blog ( that time I target same keyword best blogspot seo guide though the blog was just new with zero backlink and da (domain authority) was also 1

then i publish my content then leave it for about three weeks then in no time I was able to rank for my target keyword and also keywords I never plan/think I could rank for blogspot seo guide which was having a difficulty of 29 as of then which I clearly believe new blogs can’t rank for so here I am using and targeting same keyword on a blogspot blog; a blog having a default domain authority (1)

Blogspot seo

let’s see how it would perform within 2 months if not less


let me show how I was able to rank my keywords on google first even without a custom domain

you might have use any of those words: blogspot seo tutorial,blogspot seo tips,blogspot seo setting

If you really want to rank your blogger blog on google then there are step by step guide which you have to follow to get what you actually want

Most do complain that no one do visit there website

so I have made down list of things you most take important when trying to rank on google using either blogspot blog or a wordpress blog

  • permalink
  • labels
  • title
  • backlinks
  • keyword research
  • content optimization
  • e.t.c
Yes, the above list above are very important when it comes to ranking any blog on google

blogspot seo guide for begginers

So I would take my time to explain each and every part

1. Keyword research

If you are among guys who pick keywords randomly or those who don’t do keyword research then you have to stop it.
take your time to do your keyword research, write your content, optimize it and watch it perform more than your expectation
There are many free keyword research tools out there which you can implement and then create a content around it
There are few tools available for keyword research e.g: keyword everywhere, ubersuggest, and many others
after getting easy to rank keyword then you are on your way to getting a keyword for your new blog post

2. Permalink

 having that keyword in your url can help you rank on google first page; most top guys do play around with that by using a different keyword in there title and another in the url
But I don’t advice beginners to do that

3. Content optimization

apart from the difficulty most people do have in keyword research; they also don’t know how to place there keywords
Having done your keyword research, it is time for you to optimize your content for google but do well to remember that when ever you are optimizing for google always do well to also write for google users.
Let’s assume I have gotten my keyword
I am trying to rank for the word “blogspot seo tips” ; I would use the keyword in my title
See image below
I would also make use of the keyword at the middle of my content by wrapping it in the h2 tag
though you can do without making use of the keyword at the middle of the content
See image below
I would also make use of the keyword at the end of my content, by doing that we are avoiding stuffing our content with the keyword; when you stuff your content with your keyword you would end up over optimizing your blog post
See image below

4. Backlinks


if you get a super easy to rank keyword then your chance of ranking without backlink is high
here is also a quick guide on how to build backlink to your content
Having write,optimize and publish my content it is time to see it rank on google so I may decide to build some links to it
I would search google for the keyword then visit each page  drop a comment along with the link to my blog post thereby helping me rank higher
The more backlinks you can build over to the content the more your ranking improve
that is all on how to do google blogger seo

More on keyword research

The difficulty of keywords count from 0-100; the higher the number the more difficult it becomes for you to rank for it on google first page



with this blogspot seo guide ranking on google is not that difficult as we all think but you need to follow the simple guide that would lead you to getting what you really want blogging



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