how to make legit money online in nigeria

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how to make legit money online in nigeria


Here are different ways on how to make legit money online in nigeria  pdf also included if you want you want to read through later on, there are several ways to make money online but would only give few ones which someone out there is making money from monthly

Here is the truth; most guys don’t list working ways to make money online here in nigeria , most being listed are once you which are usually not available here in nigeria

For instance, most survey sites ( if not all ) don’t allow nigerian to make money through survey and that is one of the main reason why I would show you the working ways on how to make money online in nigeria

Note: most of it need your time and your commitment, meaning you have to give it time to start showing it result


become a youtuber

Just with your android phone, you can start a YouTube channel even without having a video camera; you can also start a youtube channel without showing your face  (personality)

Seriously, want to learn how to make legit money online in nigeria; then just put that among the list of the top ways to make legit money online in nigeria

Also note that if you want to start a youtube channel and make money from it, you need to know every hidden secrets surrounding the term “vlogging

There are only few tips which you really need if you are sure you want to get your hands to do what would give you great results

Views: this is very much important since you can never make money from youtube if you are not getting views ; you can quickly crack the code by either buying a youtube tool or a youtube seo tutorial

The best and cheapest youtube tool available is the tubebuddy tool which analyze and give you all it takes to grow a channel

Start a blog

This is another great way to make money online though this might take your time, money and you might need to learn more on how to grow a blog

In fact learning more about blogging through free and paid courses are very important if you are you you want to the secret to having a successful blog that would stand out from others

If you could get your hand over to a paid course there is 95% possibility that you would get the best; yes, I use the word 95% because not all who learn usually do apply what they are being taught

Tips: you can buy the cheapest keyword research tool and start  driving huge traffic over to your blog/website.

how to make legit money online in nigeria

Online tutoring

You can start teaching online following what you know you can do best; if you really don’t know what to teach you can note down list of things you know how to do then filter out the once you know people might not want to learn

Choose the once you are very sure people would pay for and put on an online  class where you would teach them; you can create a private facebook, telegram or whatsapp group where you would refer them to once they pay.

Sell your course
Today hundred of thousands of people do sell courses out to people who need them; which means you can also do same thing and make money from it; you can create yours and market it to a large group of audience who would be interested

Make money with adsense
There are Also many AdSense based company that would pay you for showing ads on either your blog or youtube channel

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It is something you can consider and go into and you can start earning from that in space of months even without applying for adsense you can use your blog/youtube channel and promote products or services

Start copywriting
I am the type of person who can hardly write to make people move to action by either buying a product or service

I might have a product that worth more that 20k each but since I don’t know how to convince people to buy my product, in that way you can help take that up and write what people would love what they expect from you and deliver it over to the client

Affiliate marketing
This is one of the best way to make money online; you make money through affiliate marketing by promoting other people’s product .

Prosper Noah was able to make over 100k from nnu income program in 2018 and now making over #300,000 monthly from affiliate marketing

You can also start getting such results in space of some time

Tips: always learn from expert as they would show you each and every steps to take

Web design
You  need a blog or website but you don’t know of a way to set it up; you  would surely need to get someone who would help you set it up which you have to pay him/her as agreed after he has set up your site

Setting up a blog can’t take days to complete it is just what you can setup within an hour

You can take a try on that: research, learn and implement what you have learn

Setup fiverr gigs
Creating a blog, graphic design, doing keyword research, transcripting e.t.c

There are numerous things available on fiverr which makes people money monthly through customers any way from the globe of the world

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Tips: you can even create fiverr gigs for people, rank their fiverr gig on first page and hand it over to them once it start receiving orders .

Niche sites

Creating niche site can be very challenging if you don’t know anything about niche sites building

Niche site are blog/website that target a particular area or topic and write round that niche without going out of the box ( without writing on other niche except that chosen niche )

You can learn to build a niche site, monetize it and sell out once it start generating income

Start graphic design
This is handy when you learn to create logos, billboard design and great infographic

Equally there are ways in which you can learn to do graphic design even with your android phone

You can also learn to create animation/cartoon and get people who would be interested in getting service you offer .

Learn seo
What if I had not know a little tips on how to do seo of my blog and get my users to see, read and interact on my blog

I would surely need someone who would do that and i am sure he/she won’t do that for free he might decide to charge me something above #30,000 for it; there are many resources available that would take you through on how to do seo without the help of others

Prosper Noah currently has a course showing every detailed steps to do seo at a very much affordable fee

Conclusion: with everything listed, try to learn at least one of it and before going out of this page kindly drop down a comment letting me know which you had go for a

nd reason why you choose that over others

Topic: how to make legit money online in nigeria


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