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how to monetize your blog in nigeria

how to monetize your blog in nigeria, having created your blog; it is now time to take the next step by monetizing your blog here in nigeria

 Making money from a blog is very important and yes that is why everyone who has a blog/website where they promote one product or the other aiming to make money from it

 But before then, anyone aiming to make money from a blog must have gotten some things ready (the site must have the power/potential to make money )

 One of the most powerful and most important step to take before planning to monetize a blog is simply to drive traffic over to the blog to get exposure to google and it users .

 Anyway, if you have not done that it is time for you to drive traffic to your blog before going ahead to monetize the blog

 Theresimple steps to use in driving traffic to a blog which I would briefly explain before showing you different ways to monetize a blog

 It is sadden me that most people don't care about seo when they create their blog, they instead just end up sharing post on social media then would later expect to make money through that

 To drive traffic to your blog simply get keywords you can easily rank for with little or no effort which in turn would give you more traffic and exposure to users and search engine when implemented on your blog

Place what ever means you want to use in monetizing your blog In it appropriate places and earn when people visit and complete whatever task the ads is being placed for.

Affiliate marketing
Affiliate marketing is one of the most used methods by blogger's today there are lot of site which you can join to start affiliate marketing in nigeria

There are lot of site which are known and are being use and they are: warrior plus, konga, jumia affiliate, naira for all and many more others that you might not have read about

When trying to monetize a blog always go for a affiliate site related to your niche; doing so you would have the chance of taking your affiliate product over to them

Flip blogs
Flipping of blogs is another way to make money from a blog; there is high chance of making money when this method want to be used

You create a blog from scratch then publish contents which might let it get exposure to users before it can be sold out by the owner.

You could write about fifteen content upward then get who so ever is interested in buying it

Sell your product
 I have an automatic email sender, I need to sell but there is no way to market it than either open a stall or take them from one place to another ( if I have one up for sell )

 But with a blog I can promote my product over to them who are much more interested to buy it from me .

Through this way you are making money from your blog while it is still available to everyone to see .

 Promote your services

 This is still same with the one above this; and yes you can make money from your blog while promoting your service to others

 A guy has a space available where he made list of his service available to everyone who would want his service, while he make money from them .

 There are online services you can render to people through your blog, you can list down things which you can do and which you are sure people would be eager to pay it .

 Service like: keyword research, content writing, web design and more; just anything people would order from you

 And you can Also promote other people's product and services while they in turn pay you for promoting them, this way you are making money from your blog

 Ads space
 You can sell ads space on your blog by placing an ads image on your blog showing the prescription "your ads here", "advertise here", "place ads here" on your blog

 To let people who would like to place ads on your blog, you have to drive in lots of traffic from google since all advertisers need are traffic driven site that has lots of audience

 Sponsored post
  Nevertheless, this is also similar to the one above but here you are to put up a post on your blog for promoting to the company or person who paid you to

E.g a online recharge card/data reseller might pay you to put up a sponsored post, then you can put in content on your blog to reach out to people who are in search for best online recharge card/data reseller (just an example )

Google add

 This is one of the best way to make money from a blog so far, though getting google approval from google is some what difficult

 Yes, you can never understand google and what they really need to approve a blog

 Though most people believe that content help a blog get google ads approval

 While most believe blog/website pages help get google adsense approval, while more others believe a site structure help get approval .

There are few real tutorial which you can try out and get exactly what to do and what not to do on a blog

Membership sites

 I can clearly remember when I paid some amount of money to join an online program, not just once and not twice (on different sites ) and through that they are making money from all members who joined them

 You can also give that a try by coming in through a totally different/unique way, you could make something which many are seriously interested in and then put it up for people who are members of the site, thereby you are making money from your site

Paid links

 People would surely like to get a link from you if you have a good domain authority score since they believe it help a page perform better on search engines

 Though you must have a high DA (domain authority) in other to get such offer from interested bloggers

Conclusion on how to monetize your blog in nigeria: having drive some traffic to your blog you can apply any of the listed opportunity and make money from your blog in nigeria


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