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Keyword everywhere extension for andriod




keyword everywhere extension for android and the ultimate guide on how to install and make use of it in order to get  keywords, search volume,CPC and competition

I am very sure you most have being looking forward to get this in doing all I have mentioned early

Now !

I would show you everything you need to know without hiding away any thing from you

what is keyword everywhere

 Keywords everywhere is a research tool offer to all individual by which help every one who has a web space available to know what they need to know on keyword, CPC and volume of people searching
How does keyword everywhere works
 Keywords everywhere try getting what people are searching on different sites and then showing you available data which you might need in doing your work by either using them when trying to use google ads or using it on your blog
I would show you how to make use of it in doing your keyword research

Keywords everywhere review

Here are everything that makes up the tool called keywords everywhere

Volume: keyword everywhere provide you with volume of people searching for a particular keyword per month

CPC: this is mostly for advertisers, which help them know how much they makes per click, when they target that particular keyword

Com: keyword everywhere "com" for google ads bidders,which means you can't make use of it as a blogger

What is CPC in keyword everywhere

.The the CPC which keywords everywhere gives are mostly for google advertisers and bidders,which help them knows how much they are forgetting about it

Keywords everywhere availability

keyword everywhere is available for chrome browsers but can't be used on mobile phone chrome but not to worry I would show you how you can make use of it on your mobile phone and get all data just like PC do

keyword everywhere for android

keyword everywhere can't be gotten on your chrome browser but remember you can still make use if it but not with your chrome browser

with that tactic keyword everywhere download is available for mobile also

Keyword everywhere seo

I would also show you how to make use of keyword everywhere in doing keyword everywhere in doing keyword research and getting the next keyword for your blog

Let's dig in.

keyword everywhere extension for android and how to use keyword everywhere

I would be showing you how to install and make use of keyword everywhere any moment from now
How to install keyword everywhere
 To get the keyword everywhere install on your browser (for PC users and android users)
PC users
 Go to your chrome browser and search " keyword everywhere " and there is the result showing, among the result should be chosen then sign in and add the extension to your browser
For android users
 Install yandex browser which is in red colour from playstore after installation go to and click on the sign in link and search for keyword everywhere and click add to chrome and wait while it ask for permission to add extension to chrome

Keyword everywhere api key

After you have added the extension; another page come in place where you have to request to get a new api key

Put in your email and click the "get Api key"

It would be sent to your phone in few moment which you would have to copy the api key to activate your extension

Now go to your yandex browser and click settings then click "extensions" then click keyword everywhere extension and put in your api key then click activate

Congratulation, it is time to make use of the tool in finding keywords

How to get easy to rank keyword using keyword everywhere

Getting to know keyword everywhere competition score had put a lot of online marketers into getting keyword they can't rank for easily

Keywords everywhere tutorial

Let make use of the tool in getting keywords for seo

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search on any seed keyword then click the "desktop view" it should be showing you search volume, CPC and com

Use it in searching by for more long tail Keywords in other to get a more easy to rank keyword for your next blog post

To analyse google first page check the URL,title,description tags to see if any one is targeting the keyword in them


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