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Highest paying referral programs in nigeria


paying referral programs in nigeria



Here are list of paying referral programs in nigeria that pays when you refer people to join

One of the best way to make money through most programs are for you to refer people to them and in your own part you make a lot from them

You can make a lot from most of those programs if you know what you are doing

And for that reason I would be showing you list of referral programs that pay daily in nigeria claims they offer bonuses when one successfully create an account with them, is a banking platform powered by wema .
to make that happen, you can simply install there app from google playstore ,create an account
To get your referral cose, click "refer a friend" on the menu for your referral code ; refer people and make sure they create an account using your referral code and make sure they fund their account with 500 naira

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 alat in there own part would give you the sum of #500 in return
 advantages of running an alat account
  • it helps you save your money by automating your savings
  • it gives free debit card you can activate
  • have the chance of making use of the card abroad

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Jumia pay referral program

I knows little about this means of making money referring people, with this you can refer a friend  and get paid in nigeria
 this is an app owned and managed by jumia  which gives  #500 per person you refer who also make purchase after registering with your referral link
 One of the great part is that, you make that same amount even if the person buy airtime of #50 which makes it OK
To get started you can register through this link then create an account and buy an airtime ranging from #50 - 100 to get your #500 welcome bonus
 Click on refer a friend, copy your referral link then start sharing it with friends and family

Wakanda income nation

I came to know about this program in the year 2018 when I notice a lots of guys writing reviews about the program though I never join the program but they did well while the program was still trending

 Lots of guys made a lot from it

Wakanda nation program is a read news and earn site that pay it member though anyone who really want to make money through them need to pay for membership fee before allowed to join the program


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In the program one earn the sum of #1000 per person they refer into the program


paying referral programs in nigeria was also being launched by Paul Samson who own and nnu forum in 2018
 This is a purely referral system that pays it member minimum of #5000, crazy right ? made more than #200,000 naira from and he surely made more than #200,000 naira from also

Hiwap program

 There are two ways available for you to make money from the program
 Write and earn: one make #1,000 per article, which means one could make #5,000 daily (if you can write up to five article per day let's quickly make the calculation
5 article * 30 days
                                = #150,000
What the f*** ! Hahaha

 Oh , you might not be the type who can write up to five article per day

So you manage to write one article a a day
Ok, let's calculate that
1 article * 30 days
= #30,000

Great !, that is ok to use in setting up  something else or buying something for yourself


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Maybe a new phone
Or  want to start another business that would give you a lot of return investment like crazy.

The most sad part is. That this program is not available again or better still I would advice you not to join the program since it is not functioning again

Nnu forum

 I join this referral program program almost when the site was about to crash so I was not able to meet up with what I actually want but still yet a lot from it also made some money from the site ( maybe that is one of the reason why I like him)

 Here they pay when you read news, comment, post and do some other stuff but since we are looking forward to make a lot from it we choose to start referring people, if you refer one person and he end up activating his/her account you get #1,000 for it

Anyway this program is also not available again, it crashed about a week or two later after I join

TBD income program

 This program was launched early this year which pays it members #1,000 per successful referral, though this is also a read and earn program but one can make a lot quickly by referring others to join


Pays #400 for welcome bonus
pays #50 when you submit a post
pays #1,000 per referral you get

Bizo investment

 This one is still trending now !, this is also a read and earn site but the fastest way to earn are just by referring others (the smart ones refer)


 naira4all is not a read and earn program, naira4all pays when you browse the internet
They also give access to free bulk SMS reseller account
teach members how to make money through mini importation business
 Give access to members to download all ebooks and also allows them to sell the ebooks out to make money.

Inforib program

 Inforib was created this year by Mr ifiokobong ibanga the owner of and
 To crown it all registration is free, where they pay #1,000 naira for each article you publish
 They pay #50 for each referral you make
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