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this is the easiest and more explained tutorial on how to create a blog on blogger step by step


creating a blog on blogspot should not take up to 30 minutes not even 10 minutes of your time; but before that


quickly read this through:


blogger was launched in the year 1999 by pyra labs as a blog publishing tools but google then purchased Picasa so as to allow users has the opportunity to post photos on their blogs in 2003


and with that everyone got the opportunity to create a blog for free by making use of there platform


and if you want to take your blogging career to the next level; you can buy a domain for the blog (that is for those who are on a low budget)


let me quickly take you through the steps


go to NAD check the upper right hand side for the “sign in” link, click on the link with that you should be redirected to your list of google account you have available


caution: when doing all of this, make sure you are making use of your chrome browser since opera mini would make the page slow


now choose on the google account you had like to make use of; through that you would have to use same gmail account whenever you want to login into your blog


with the page showing on the screen, it should be showing that you have not created any blog yet; now it is time for you to create your blog and start expressing your words and putting your content together


move through the listed words and click “create a blog”


now blogger had set the page in a way that anyone can setup a blog easily


in the box written “title” put in what ever you want to appear as the name of your blog


with that your audience would know your blog by that title (a better example is just my blog here “skillinstitute”


meaning when next you want to visit my blog you would use same name I have used


Still on

how to create a blog on blogger step by step


over to the next box available


the next box available is there for you to put in whatever name you wish should appear as your blog link/URL


e.g digitalmidset was what I use in my own address


which means when anyone use that “” they would arrive on my blog; and that is how everyone gas his/her own unique site address.


Note: under the address box available there would be a availability check checking to see if your chosen address is available or not


you can always change to see which one had not being taken by anyone else


when an address is available it should be showing the word “this address is available”


that being done ; it is time to choose which theme you had like to use


you can change the theme later on which means you can choose on any theme and change it later.


choose any of the theme and click “create blog” with that you have successfully created your blog; I have made a list of responsive and professional template below you can download them and use them as your theme


now over to your “setting” under your setting click “post,, comments and sharing, under that on “comment moderation” click “always” this way you are avoiding spam comment from your blog


post: show at most set it to 5 posts on main page; this way you would have five post appearing on your main page


over to the “search preference” under settings in description tags edit the description and describe your blog in less than 150 words


for other settings for your blogspot blog check this post on how to set your blogspot seo yourself


please: if you don’t know much about those settings kindly look for someone who would help you set it up


with that you can start writing your content and promoting them over to your audience


in a very short time you should understand better more about blogspot


I have also explain all you need to know about the pages available and what to expect from each page.


posts : in the post section, we have all content which are yet to be published  and once that are already published


which makes it easy for you to have quick access to your post which are in draft section easily


stats: this section also has different sections available; with the stats page you can have access and see how your post had being engaged with along with the numbers of views per day, numbers of views yesterday, numbers of pageviews last month, numbers of views you have gotten in total and followers you have gotten so far


post: showing the list of post bringing in visitors (best performing content )


traffic source: where exactly are your visitors coming from and what word do they make use of in arriving on your content


audience: this shows you which country are your visitors from


comment: this shows you comment published on your blog the once waiting for moderation and the once marked spam


earning: this is mainly for those who already has google ads running on there blog.


conclusion on: how to create a blog on blogger step by step


having created your blog; it is time to let people know that your blog exist, you can buy a keyword tool here get easy to rank keywords then explore and rank on google


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