how to make money on twitter in nigeria


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how to make money on twitter in nigeria; and yes there are more ways to make money but this is what you would be taking a look at.

You can make money through the use of your twitter account

Twitter is an online social networking tool in which users are allowed to post characters of 140 per tweet they want to make

Then how do one make money from his /her twitter account which is known to be a social media platform

You can make money from sponsored tweets which Would be explained later (don’t be in haste)

 1. discover new leads

You can make money from twitter by discovering what people need and you in turn offer them the product

But how can you do that ?.

You search twitter using a word related to discover what people need .

2. sponsored tweets

Actually, making money using this method can be very difficult for you but it is one of the way you desire from your twitter handle

How to go about that ?

There Are two sites well known which you can sign up with and they would offer you things to tweets

You can sign up to either or and get yourself started

All you need are:

About 50 followers
Make about 100 tweets
And a twitter account that is at least two months old

The more the followers, the more the money you are likely to make.

Which is known to be a paid tweet

You can post and earn as long as you can be on twitter making money

For this to work out well you had need lots of followers

3. twitter contest

This is another way to make money from your twitter account by setting up a contest

You know there is a gift given after a winner is being gotten from a contest

You can reach out to company or organizations letting them know that you are setting up a contest and they might likely pay you to advertise during such contest
Still on

how to make money on twitter in nigeria

4. promote affiliate links

Yes, you can also make money by promoting your affiliate links

To promote your affiliate link, you can take the step by signing up to an affiliate network that would pay you after an action is being taken after clicking your affiliate link

Though it is much more better to promote affiliate link through a blog post or email outreach

5. blog traffic

There are lots of opportunity and traffic up on twitter and with that you could drive up traffic over to your blog through twitter  handle

Who knows if you might end up getting a buyer from that

Conclusion on how to make money on twitter in nigeria

Having shown you the little ways you can end up making money using twitter, it is noe your turn to drop your comment below letting me know which you think would be ok and which one you would want me to take off my list



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