list of sites that pays for reading news in nigeria


list of sites that pays for reading news in nigeria




here are list of sites that pays for reading news in nigeria and best news paying sites in nigeria; I would also show you the ones that had failed in the long run


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But ....

Is there any website that pays money for reading news online

yes, most of the ones I would list here are already failed income programs in nigeria which means most of it are of no use anymore


looking forward to make money online in nigeria reading news ?


do well to read my list of get paid to read news sites in nigeria


I actually start noticing those income programs back in the year 2018 though they had being in existence long before I came in and now being that most of them had being on the go does not mean they worth it


you can read through and pick the ones that are currently trending and register/create an account with them




yes, this was the very first site I came across in the year 2018 that claimed they pay their members when they read news, comment and share and to crown it all they also pay #1000 per person you refer to join the program through your unique referral link


they also pay #50 for daily login which make it #1500 when you login daily for  the whole month (30 days); I don't really think that is  bad anyway


they also pays #100 daily when you share there sponsored post on either Facebook,twitter or any other social media you are allowed to share to with a total of #3000 for 30 days if you are active with that.


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if we decide to calculate allocated earning with that of the daily login we should be able to get around #4500 aside other earnings we might make not to even add that of the referral earning we might get .


to cut all that short, is not functioning anymore though they were able to pay there members for about two years plus


 2. wakanda income

this one also trend and got lots of people earning from them and yes; it was a great platform I could have advice you to join


they also pays their members #1000 per referral they get with a registration fee of #1300 only


#50 for daily login, #50 for each sponsored post which makes better


lots of guys were able to cash out big from this same site; and that made them get listed in my third number of sites that pay you to read news in nigeria .


 3. zinoly

no doubt, some guys were Also able to make money from the program


list of sites that pays for reading news in nigeria


they pay 70% per referral through anyone you refer to join the program; #1000 naira commission when they register through your link and get approved


the more people you refer to zinoly the more your commission increase


but for the sake of those who find the referral part to be difficult, they can make money through other means that had being listed below


which means they share revenue daily when you take part in there daily activities .


* you get #50 or more daily (depending on the day shared revenue)


* commenting and contributing on post daily; you earn #2 per comment made (revenue for that also depend on the revenue shared for the day )


* sponsored post earn you #100 daily when you share there post on your facebook timeline, this is only available once a day


4. newspay

this was also powerful program as it was launched and believe me, it gave most people opportunity to make money in setting up businesses they can


great news from them is that they also run an affiliate program that pays #1000 per person being referred to join the program


and that is what had made them great platform as of then


they also pay #30 welcome bonus, daily login you earn #50, #100 for daily sponsored post shared


5. nnuforum

so the person who once launched decide to launch yet another after launching and lots of people joined the program in a space of two months (yea, the had done well but not enough )


#10 per post you read, #20 to post you contribute to, #500 to #1000 when you post original content


and as others were, they also pays #1000 per referral made on there platform; since it is known to be the fastest way to earn online from income programs

Note: this are only sites that had failed after working for some months and we are yet to get more better sites that really pays



Conclusion on: List of Sites that pays for reading news in nigeria; having show you the one that had failed to offer what they had promised to give


So, in time we would keep adding more to our list



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