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Nigerian sites that pays you to write articles in nigeria


Nigerian sites that pay you to write articles



Nigerian sites that pay you to write articles in nigeria; are you a writer looking out for nigerian sites that pay writers or nigerian sites that pay you to write articles


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look no further


I have made list of sites that would pay you to write articles even as a beginner and they are also available Online writing jobs for students in Nigeria Which means you can write articles and get paid in Nigeria


 1. infoguidenigeria

owned by mr ifiokobong ibanga; infoguidenigeria had being in existence and is currently one of the top information sites available in nigeria


they pay #500 per article being published on there blog, though the amount they pay out depend on what they currently gives to there writers


there are guidelines they want there writers to follow which are:


original content: content written must be unique (written by you or better still not copied from other sites)


1000 words: your content must be above nine hundred words  (meaning you have to write more detailed on your chosen topic )


no error: your content must be what people would love and got engaged in.


anyone who are interested are to submit one article a day, there page are still available for any one who is interested in writing for them


2. skillinstitute.com.ng

this blog was created recently which makes it a new blog and is in need of writers who would put in word that would make the blog active . there are few buildlines that should be followed by any interested writer


and they are: original content: just like every other sites, skillinstitute also don't want content that already exist on another blog/website; we want to stay unique


words count: we are not making it compulsory that the words count should be more than 1000 words but it should not be less than 800 words .


3. aabnigeria

this is a site that pays the minimum of #5,000 for content published on there sites


since the site need contents on there site they take in writers who would write and get paid for there content


though; currently aabnigeria is not available but that does not make things bad, would get you updated once they are running again


there are more sites that pay to write articles which means if you do not want one , you can check out the other till you get the very best you want, which is likely going to give you the ultimate result you desire .


Still on:

nigerian sites that pays you to write articles in nigeria


4. post4solution

even though post4solution has a membership fee (monthly), it is still known to be a great site to make money from as a freelancer


which means it is not available to writers alone but to all freelancers looking forward to earn


5. nairaland

oh, nairaland does not need writers but you can make money writing for people through nairaland; it is known that the site is a forum and not a blog


nairaland had being available on the web since the year 2005 and having a daily visitors of more than 300k views per day .


which give you the chance of reaching out to at least 10 person per day with your post


you can write everything one need form a writer then publish it, with that you can get someone also interested in your service .


 6. fiveer

fiveer was created in the year 2010 after two men brought the ideas of bringing up an online market place where people would buy and sell digital services which are offered by freelancers from different part of the world .


this is one of the best site I can ever suggest to any to start there writing job from and the minimum amount you can v

charge clients is $5 dollars


though creating your fiveer gig and ranking it on the first page can be very difficult as being a newbie who has 2% knowledge about how fiveer and it's algorithms works


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but there is little thing you can do to escape all the stress by simply creating your fiveer account, then buying a gig where the freelancer would help you rank them for you to start getting orders from time to time


and with that if you are good at what you offers you would always get orders and would also get review from people who order for you gig stating that you had done a great job

7 opera news hub

A lot of people know about opera news hub; yes, but they don't know they also can make money from opera news hub for free even with no one help

With steps of creating an account with them, setting up what you would like to share with your readers and getting paid to do what you love to do

So I shared how you can get started on opera news hub and what you all need to get paid monthly

Having an account with opera news, you need to open a opay account which would let them send money to you when you hit the threshold


conclusion: nigerian sites that pay you to write articles in nigeria


having show you the ones available for now, you can chose any of the listed once you want .


We would also continue to update this information by removing and adding new ones

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