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free browsing with vpn: how to browse free with vpn on android



How to get Free browsing with vpn ; and with that there are a lot that have being listed below, which means you would have to spend less on your data.

Most of those apps are not VPN apps but works when instructions are being followed, which means you might have to follow some little instruction.

These apps work for all networks which includes; Glo,9mobile,Vodofone,MTN,Cell C,Airtel,Sun,Orange,Flow,Telkomsel,Digicel and many more.


#1. PSiPHON pro VPN

This VPN has being working for quite some time now, and is known to work on all sims.

To enjoy the free browsing claimed;

-Download the app and open it with the sim you prefer.

-Click on START and wait while the VPN gets connected.

-Once connected you can start browsing,downloading and streaming online without having a subscribed data bundle.


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#2. Netloop VPN

After being rebranded, the VPN now has proxy server and VPN;this vpn works with 0.0kb tweak and the 9mobile tweak or any other known free browsing trick. This VPN has the ability to modify and use multiple concurrent connections to the VPN.

*Has the ability to strip and choose a number of connections to be maintained.

*Ability to share configurations through any file transfer method.


#3. Spark VPN

The Spark VPN act as a virtual firewall in order to protect your device;which in turn allows you to access blocked websites.

Also help you to browse the a Internet securely and privately.

This VPN enables you to;

-Change your DNS.

-Compress data.

-Has a built in SSH client.

-Support proxies.

-Saves your phone battery's life.

*To get this connected and start browsing the Internet freely, kindly read this guide available here.


How to get free browsing with vpn


#4. Hammer VPN

Hammer VPN offers "bandwidth version" which is unlimited which you can sign-up for.

You can make a purchase of unlimited VPN for a little price of $4.25 monthly.

*This said VPN create a secure connection in a way that third parties can't get information. This way you are out of the dangerzone of getting your information stolen by third parties or hackers.

*Every users has the opportunity of enjoying 100mb daily for free and once exhausted, it would automatically turn off.


#5. HTTP injector free internet

HTTP is being used to run SSH or VPN packaged in a way to produce safe and secure connection.

-This has also being available all through with other free browsing VPN.

*It has these features;

-It hide notification symbol.

-It selects new payload,generator,server,app filter.

-Features 'dark mode'.

-Dns tunneling.

-Has support for 10. Android version.

Want to get this configuration setting have the opportunity to browse for free?

Check this article: http injector configuration setting



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