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how to post on nairaland forum in 4 steps


how to post on nairaland


Quick steps on how to post on nairaland forum; due to some reasons you might want to put up a post up on nairaland forum but don't know how to go about it, no worries this post is mainly written for that.


Read on ....


Nairaland being one of the largest forum in nigeria and having more than 23,000 daily visit per day


The site has being on the web since the year 2005 and is being owned and manage by oluwaseun osewa .


Has 2,572,276 members at the time of writing this post along with 5,955,206 topics and many more post



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You might have want to gain in some traffic over to your very own blog/website or you want to promote a product or service by posting on nairaland

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I don't know ( you know what your target is )


Firstly, if you have not created an account, do well to do that, you would need an account before getting the chance of posting on the forum


how to create an account on nairaland forum


 it is very much important that you create an account before following the next guide but if you have created an account already, do well to skip this step looking at the homepage , you should be seeing the header showing different links

how to post on nairaland forum




Click on "join nairaland" and if you already created an account click login





The next page which shows up requires you to put in your email address


Put in your email address and click submit




Congratulations, you have finished with the very first step, check in your email inbox for the link sent to you .


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With that link you should be able to verify that you own the email and that you are not a robot


After clicking on the link, the page that shows up requires you to put in your preferred username and password



How to post on nairaland forum


You are free to make use of your guy name and password of your choose


Now click "join nairaland"; congratulation, you have successfully created your account.


You can login again and let's put up a post on nairaland


Now ..


how to post on nairaland forum


Move a little bit down to were it is boldly written "nairaland nigerian forum"


Click on your preferred topic .



Look carefully, were numbers are being written starting from 1 to no certain number


Click on "create new topic"



A new page should open which is just where we would get the very chance to create a post .


Move down, in the box marked "subject"  put in your title there


In the next bigger box put in your words and click submit


Congratulations, you have successfully post on nairaland .


Any question ?, drop them in the comment box below

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