how to unshare data on glo without knowing the number


how to unshared data on glo



How to unshare data on glo; just notice the rate at which people currently do search for a way to unshare their glo data due to one reason or the other


Just noticed that your data do get exhausted than it always was after you have shared with a friend or close relative


To better save your data and money it is better to remove such number from sharing your data plan with you .


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Unshare Glo data bundle


To check out and know who you are sharing your glo data plan, kindly send the word “list” to the number 127 


 The other way round, you can choose to make use of USSD command to get the list of who you are sharing your data with .



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Getting the list of those you share your data with, kindly dial *127*00# and the list would be made available to you


Having know who you are sharing your data with; you can choose to remove them by either making use of ussd code or by making use of text message in removing the unwanted number.



How to unshare data on glo


To remove who you share your glo data with using ussd code kindly use the command *127*02*the phone number# 

for better understanding


zoom ! That should remove the number from the list .



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You might want to send text message instead then you can make use of the following command


Write your message with the word “remove” along with the phone number you want to remove from the list

E.g remove 07047586593 and send it to “127”


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How to share data on glo 

Want to share your glo data plan with a friend ?, then you can make use of the same format you used in removing numbers from your shared plan.


To add any number to your glo data plan, you can either use the ussd format or the text format


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To add a number to your glo data plan.

Using the ussd code simply use *127*01*phone number #

E.g *127*01*0705*******# and the number would be added to your shared list


To use the text command send “share 0706*******” and send it to “127


How to buy glo data bundle


 In any case you might want to buy more data bundle; you can use the following code


*777# then choose which plan you want to subscribe to.


Conclusion on how to unshare data on glo : this is just the simple guide on how to share,unshare and buy data bundle on glo

In any case if you have questions, kindly drop them in the comment box below


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