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After  seeing that the word "long tail pro download" is actually being searched for made me know that I am not only the person who really like to use a premium keyword research tool for free .


We all want to start ranking on google but might not have the money to buy a premium keyword research tool


Long tail pro has what is good at doing (what you can use the tool for).


With long tail pro you can have the chance of using the rank checker tool, analyzing your competitors, keyword research And many more which I had not mentioned above .


What can long tail pro do ?


Long tail pro can do the following listed below (there are also other tools that can do same task like long tail pro do)

Long tail keywords


With long tail pro you have the opportunity of getting more related and long tail keywords with low competition by making use of your seed keywords


You can also get keywords your competitors rank for then pick those keywords and write on them though those keywords should be easy to rank for also


Many other tools like semrush, ahrefs, kwfinder and some more also provide these (long tail keywords)


Since they are known to be mostly with low competition


Long tail pro difficulty (competition)

This show how competitive a keyword is to rank, which is being shown in numbers ranging from 0 - 100


0 - 29 being seen to be the ones any one can rank on first page, but remember you have to check to see if those keywords are truly easy to rank


Since those keywords might have being targeted by others which then would make them competitive.


With low kc keyword you should be able to beat out to google first page with little to no link pointing to the page you want to rank .


Serp analysis

To make the research more easy and for you to avoid high competition keywords, long tail pro also provide serp analysis which would help you analyze the first page of google in other to know what we are competing against


Since we don't really trust the seo difficulty score given by long tail pro tool


Once you move the next step to check analysis on the keyword


You are being provided with metrics such as :


Citation flow : this shows the citation of the page .


Trust flow : this shows the backlink profile of the page .


Domain tf and cf : this shows the citation flow and trust flow of the domain .


External backlinks : this shows the numbers of links the ranking page has .


Page referring domains : shows how many domains links are being gotten to the page .


Root ref : numbers of domain link are being gotten to the root domain .


Indexed urls : the amount of indexed url referring to the target domain


Internal links : the numbers of internal links that ranking page get .

Long tail pro rank tracker

Having written on a keyword, optimized it, you might want to know which page of that blog post is currently ranking without having to check the serp manually .


This way you would know which page your content is sitting on within two minutes .


Then you can decide if you need more links to push it over to the nearer page (first page) .

Long tail pro pricing monthly


The price of the tool are monthly and annually/yearly


Monthly starter: $37/mon


Monthly pro: $67/mon


Monthly agency: $147/mon

Long tail pro pricing annually


Annual starter: $297/year


Annual pro: $537/year


Annual agency: $1177/year


On every plan including the monthly and yearly (you can get 30% discount on them all)


Long tail pro download

Currently, I am finding a way to download longtail pro and make it work;  during the cause of the research


You can take the opportunity of getting all other tools along with long tail pro for a cheaper price


Click the link below to register then buy any plan of your choose


Click here to register


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