airtel my offer data plan: best airtel sub available

Last updated on March 29, 2021


Airtel my offer: best airtel sub available



Airtel my offer has made every airtel user get the opportunity to buy data bundles at more cheaper rate .


Which means you can buy data bundles at cheaper rate using there subscription code .


Though you need to be eligible for the data bundles you want to have access to buy

For example


  • 1gb for 300 naira daily
  • 2gb for 500 naira daily
  • 1.5gb for 500 naira 14 days
  • 3gb for 1000 naira 30 days
  • 6gb for 1500 naira 30 days
  • 9gb for 2000 naira 30 days
 Which might be made available on some airtel sim cards, while at the other side some other sim cards might have the following
  • 1gb for 300 naira daily
  • 2gb for 500 naira daily
  • 6gb for 1500 naira daily
  • 750mb for 500 naira 14 days
  • 1.5gb for 1000 naira 30 days
  • 2gb for 1200 naira 30 days
  • 3gb for 1500 naira 30 days

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 But currently, here are the plans available on airtel which is available in the airtel offer pack .
  • 2gb for 500 naira daily
  • 1.5gb for 500 naira 14 days
  • 3gb for 1000 naira monthly
  • 4gb for 1200 naira monthly
  • 6gb for 1500 naira monthly
  • 9gb for 2000 naira monthly
  • 16gb for 3000 naira monthly

How to activate airtel offer plan

 To activate the airtel offer plan fail *141# after which on the next option shown reply 1 and send, now choose which plan you want .


  To activate data on the airtel network dial *141#
now the rest depends on which airtel data plan you want to activate; check through the options and choose your preferred plan
  • How can I get airtel 4GB 1000 naira ?
  To get the airtel 4gb data at the rate of 1000 naira, kindly make use of the offer option though you might need to add about 200 naira to get the 4gb for 1000 naira
  • Which airtel plan is the best
   For a very long time now, I have being making use of the offer provided by ai

airtel and I would also recommend that to others who need to get the best airtel data plan .


Conclusion on airtel my offer: it is very much advisable you make use of the data offer own by airtel which would help you save some money.

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