How to browse free on airtel sim



Showing you how to browse free on airtel sim, there are several ways in which you can get the airtel free browsing


There are lots of guys who might have given or shared what they do not know ; you might have tried them without getting result


Note: most of the trick might have stop working at the time of writing this post.


In case the first method don't work, check the next option and try it out (that is after you might have tried the first option without getting result).


Here I would be showing you three methods on how to browse with airtel without recharge or data plan


1. Free browsing with opera mini browser


Yes, you can browse for free by making use of your opera mini browser, this had being working fine for a long time


No trick.


Recently, airtel and mtn had made it possible for there users to have access to free browsing by making use of there opera mini browser.


If you are on a low phone you might not have the opportunity to do that.


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For you to have access to the opera mini free browsing kindly, get either a airtel or mtn sim


Install the opera mini browser from your google playstore .




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Launch the browser and start browsing for free.


Take note: this free browsing would stop once you exceed the 50mb daily limit


Oh bad 😦....

Still On:

How to browse free on airtel sim

Advantage only for low users where they can do a day without consuming the 50mb opera mini data allocated to them 🤔 (remember the old good days, where you can use 10mb for a day)


What if you are the type who like to browse heavily then this won't benefit you as you require


So .....


Check the next option available for you


2. Opera mini handler

Through research, I find out that one can also make use of opera mini handler to browse for free which available for Glo, mtn  and airtel


Since I have not tested that on my own, I can't assure you 100% usage


You might want to know more about it, so I would drop a link below for you to check it out and try your luck

Ok  ......


there are some other ways to browse with your airtel sim and the next one below is free


3. Browsing with vpn

This is the most popular method being used to get free browsing, which is known to be available for airtle, 9mobile, glo and mtn, other available networks are not excluded


I won't go into details of those vpns anyway but would only list them below along with latest vpn that works for free browsing

1.stark vpn for mtn

2. tweakware vpn

3. http injector

4. hammer vpn

5. the droid vpn

6. the opera mini handler

7. Xp psiphon vpn

8. Netloop vpn


Most of those available vpn require you to have some data plan, mostly social bundle which after being connected can be used to browse and download .


If you non of the above work then you would have no other option than to use the following method .


They are:

Browse with airtel airtime or browse with airtel social bindle plan .


So ......


How to browse with airtel airtime



How to browse with airtel social bundle



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