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List of site to buy cheap airtime and data


 There are numerous site that claim they sell airtime and data but only few do sell at cheap rate; so here are site to buy cheap airtime and data from .

 Which means you got the chance of buying airtime and data from site that offer them at cheaper price .

1. Jumia pay

   I started making use of this in the year 2019 after it was being recommended for me by a friend on the blue app (facebook) .

I can say they don't sell cheap but the fact that they do give cash back make me stick with them .

 They also do give out #500 bonus when you refer others to them even if the person end up buying airtime or data below #200 

You can click here to buy from them


 The next site on the list is which sell mtn, airtel,Glo and 9mobile at cheaper price by giving out a 4% discount .

 They don't only sell airtime alone, they also provide data bundles, bulk sms,tv sub, money transfer and electricity bill

 One of the great things I love to see is also included; you get #500 when you refer others to paycheap .

  And you can also start selling airtime and data by making use of the site .

 There by you would be making more money to your pocket


 This site also claim they sell airtime And data to those who need it .

 Though they shows that they provide both airtime and data recharge for glo, airtel, 9mobile, and mtn .


 This is also a site that sell airtime and data for any preferred network where you buy airtime at 10% discount .


 Hmm, this has to be added to the list of site that provide discount on airtime purchase .

Conclusion on site to buy cheap airtime

Having show you some sites that provide airtime and data and cheaper rate, take note that there are lots of them that are available out there on the web so you need to be careful where you want to buy from

One of the best I would always recommend is the jumia pay .


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