how to get free tk domain for blogger






Showing you how to get free tk domain for blogger and also the required steps on how to add tk domain in blogger .


It is very much possible to get a free domain name for your blogger blog, Would be showing you how to get a free domain for blogger any moment from now.

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choosing a free domain has it advantages and it disadvantages

Which Are:


Disadvantages of a free domain

Making use of a free domain might not look professional


A free domain might not appear on search engine (there is no guarantee of seeing it in search result)


It is not good for business or long time work


Advantages of a free domain


You get more knowledge on how to work on your blogger blog


Helps knows what you need to know ahead (though it is better to migrate over to a self hosted blog)


Steps on how to get a free domain name.


To get a free domain, move over to


Now, in the box provided put in any name you wish


In my own case I use the word bazeng and got the following extensions, it is my turn to choose which ever extension I want



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But for this tutorial, I would choose the .tk extension


So I clic the "get it now" button


After clicking that it should show that I have pick the domain extension, now with the button above which says [check out]


After clicking on the checkout button it should arrive in a page where you got the chance to choose how long you want to have access to the domain


With me, I choose 12 months @free this way I would have access to the domain for a year


Now  click continue.


In the next page available you need to put in your email address to verify


But since I already own an account with them, I would click the sign in button


After putting in your gmail address, you should receive an email asking you to verify; which is valid for just 24 hours


I got to check the mail then got this after clicking the link




As you can see I have filled up the required details, you  also should do the same.


After that mark the "I have read and agree to the terms and conditions"


Then click complete order, with that I have gotten the domain name for free


Click the button below to visit the client area.


How to add/link .tk to blogpsot


Now in my client area, I move below the site and click "my domain"


Then click "manage freedom DNS"


Now put I'm the cname and copy each record in the required box


Move over to your blogspot blog dashboard, in the setting section

Click "custom domain"


Now, move back to the freenom site and create "cname" in the type field



Copy the given cname from your blogger dashboard and paste accordingly


Do the same to the destination.


Click on add more records

Just as seen in the image below.





Add more records and paste the given google IP address below in the box available




Check the image below



Now, move back to your blogger dashboard and save


You have successfully connected your free domain to your blogspot blog


Conclusion: now you have know how to get and add tk domain on blogger for free; remember, it is still very much important that you get a well known domain and move over to a wordpress blog .


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