glo 1500 subscription | glo data plan and code



glo 1500 subscription plus other glo data plan and code

All round there are many active heavy data users, who can consume up to 5GB a week And even more .

So that is why glo 1500 subscription is there for them , you would need to read all through

Would also show you the complete glo data plan available and how to get them .

Glo claim they are the grand master of data, are they correct with that ?; yes they are correct and they have prove that

Glo has it daily glo data plan, weekly glo data plan, Monthly glo data plan, flexi plans, the blackberry plans e.t.c

With much higher volume of data for lesser price, being provided to it customers.

First let’s take a look at other data plan starting from the lowest  plan up to the highest .

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Glo #50 data plan

Being the lowest data plan available, it is also known to be ok for those who don’t consume much data, which gives 27mb + 5mb to it customers and 45mb for new customers which has 1 day validity.

The 5mb added is their bonus


Glo 100 data plan

This attract fee of 100 naira for 160mb for new customers and 150mb for their existing customers, 35mb bonus being calculated which give a total of 150mb and could be used on all operating systems

Which also has a validity of a day which after can’t be amde available again


Glo 200 data plan

This data plan gives 240mb and a bonus of 110mb calculated together to make a total of 350mb to make use of

New customers enjoy 440mb data bundle and bonus of 110mb at the same price with existing customers

This data plan has a validity of two days which after, the data would not be available again for use.


500 naira glo data plan

This plan has a data volume of 800mb for it users along with 550mb which is valid for 2 days


Glo monthly data plan

This plan is set more for people who make use of the internet and social media a lot and with this they have to save without losing


Glo 1000 naira data plan

This has a validity of 30 days, and gives 1.9gb plus a bonus of 600mb for night for existing customers

Then 3.2gb plus a bonus of 500mb for night available for new customers.

To subscribe sail *127*53#


Glo 1500 subscription code

this is exactly what you might have searched for (glo 1500 subscription)

This is  what lots of people need since it would be an advantage to them

This data plan which is available for heavy data users, though there are other plan with higher price and higher volume of data but this is the best

This can help a lot since most heavy data users consume more data but with this plan you gain more than other smaller plan

Which means , you won’t have to loss much money for other smaller data plan which can be used up in no time .

You can purchase this data plan by sending a text message with the number “55” to 127


Or you can use a ussd code by dailing *127*55#

Apart from this, there are other better plan than the glo 1500 subscription.

The below are other glo data plans and there subscription code


Glo 2000 for 5.8gb

Which gives new customers 1.5gb which includes the night plan

Also valid for 30 days

To subscribe sail *127*55#

Glo 2500 for 7.7gb code: *127*58#

Glo 3000 for 10gb  code: *127*54#

4000 glo plan for 13gb code: *127*59#

Glo 5000 plan    code: *127*2#

8000 glo data plan    code: *127*1#

Glo 10,000 data plan  code: *127*11#

15,000 data plan glo    code: *127*12#

Glo 18,000 data plan   code: *127*13#

20,000 for glo 138gb   code: *127*33#


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And many more

Glo the grand master of data has the best data offer available


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