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showing you the simple guide on how to unblock link on facebook yourself; lots of we bloggers or web owners do like sharing our links on social media platform mainly having it in mind of driving in traffic over to our website

But then, in the cause of sharing in here and there facebook then block the link out from there platform

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But why that ?, anyway I would show you reasons why facebook must have block that link from showing and possible method that would help you unblock them to start showing on facebook again

I once made use of one of the method I would show you that help me unblock url of a friend within two days and would also show you simple and yet important tips that would help you escape getting block again .

Let's dig in ....


Facebook briefing

Facebook being one of the most popular social media platform that can help you drive traffic over to your blog if done the right way

but most do have the lock of getting there link block then get to ask question like: why can't I post my website link on facebook, why do facebook block my link .


So .

 Why do facebook block my link/url

There are many reason why facebook must have block your url which you might have caused .

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Someone report your website

OK, so since you share you link on facebook someone might feel offended, or don't want to see the link (you know) then decide to take that over to another level by  reporting the url to facebook, facebook in their own space would want to keep their users safe then decide to block it out .

So you need to know how to unblock link on facebook


You might want to watch a video instead; do well to watch the video below





Credit: Koji agudah

Facebook algorithm's mistake

So since facebook algorithms does most of the work, it might pick up your link due to what it is being commanded to do then block your url out

Still on

How to unblock link on facebook


Your site might be infected

Probably, your website might contain code that might harm to others

So in that situation; facebook block the url out in the sense to keep it's users safe .

Violated facebook rules

Just as every other websites has their policies; so do facebook has theirs which help to govern there community standards


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You might have go against one of their rules which has in turn get your url blocked out from there community


People also search

How to unblock domain in Facebook

How to unblock link on facebook

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Facebook URL unblocker


So since one of the things mentioned above might have created your url being blocked, in the next step I would show you how to post a blocked url on facebookhow to unblock domain in facebook and how to avoid being block later on facebook .

 How to post blocked links on facebook

Here I would be showing you how to post blocked url on facebook .

So, you might not be the type who would like going through the stress of unblocking the url then you need an alternative

Check below ...

Best url shortener for facebook

So in a way to post blocked url on facebook, you can make use of a url shortener which would be in place of your url

Through this, you can post your links on facebook without it getting blocked .

Below are the url shortener available

1 let you shorten your url using the  link and the good part is that you can customize it to yours .

2. Tinyurl

Link with free tool with customization which also help redirect fast with allowing any to see links .

Other link shortener available are:

  • rebrandly
  • clickmeter

To make use of any of those url shortener simply go through your blog and copy one of your blog post then move over to any of the link shortener you want (I love and

Then paste the blog post link into the first box available and click "make tinyurl"

If you are making use of tinyly it should automatically shorten the link for you .

Now you are free to copy the link and share over to any social media platform .

And with the screenshot below it shows that I have successfully shared the link on facebook .

In the next step, I would show you how to unblock link on facebook using two powerful methods .

One of this method would help you get your url unblocked within two days .


 Unblock url on facebook  (method 1)

This method need you to get to the facebook help team then appeal through the form but it is also very important you get other account to appeal for you also, in that way it should trigger them to go through and do what you really want .

Take note: if your website contains content that goes against their community standard, then they won't unblock the url

E.g site selling or promoting harmful stuff or some bad stuff, then there is no need to appeal because they would not unblock such link .

For you to get over to them simply make use of this link


Unblock link on facebook  (method 2)

So this method works fast than the rest, with this you could get your link unblock within two days .

But I warn you; don't trade with this , many are out there who seriously need them to unblock their url from facebook .

Go through this link:

Now !, how do you get them to unblock your url ?

Send them a message letting them know your url had being blocked and you have corrected every possible mistake and won't allow such to take place .


Congratulations, you have successfully unblock your url on facebook

But still yet, you need to take  care and avoid getting block again


This is simple but yet the powerful methods you can use in unblocking url on facebook all by yourself without the help of those gurus you have around

That is the simple guide on how to unblock link on facebook




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