how to make a mp3 link on blogger


Would be showing you the quick tips on (how to make a mp3 link on blogger) or (how to upload an audio file to blogger) it is very much known that that we all as bloggers can't buy a wordpress hosting due to one reason or another.

This is not bad anyway, so due to that most guys who are making use of blogger free hosting do find a way to upload audio files on blogspot .

Recently, I shared how to get free domain for blogger


history of blogger

Blogger started on august 23, in the year 1999 and since then being active and made free.


Which was bought in 2003 by google

In which a user can create more that 30 blogs per account, With over 60 languages being supported


what can you do with blogger


You can turn the blogger blog into many which few are listed below.


Host webinars.



Offer coaching services


Offer services



Promote an affiliate product


Premium gated pages




And that is where this topic comes in, where guy who blog on music find one way or another to post on blogger.


Showing a very simple steps, I would show you how to upload audio files on blogger (well known as blogspot)


There different ways in which you can use to upload mp3 player on blogger, one which is by making use of google site


Which would be the first method available for you to upload audio file on blogger

Since you already have your blogspot blog ready, we need few stuff to get it done


Move over to, you can click this link to visit the page immediately

Take note that the site is not mobile friendly, so it would be better to view it on desktop mode.



On the bottom page of the site, click on classic sites.


On  the next page click on the "create" icon then click "in classic sites"


Take a look at the screenshot for better guide .


On the right side of the page, there is the create page icon

Do click on it.


Which should redirect you to another page.


You can name the page as you want than hit "create" which should redirect you up to another site where you can put in your mp3 file


Now in the new page available, click "add files", then select the file you wish to upload.


Wait for the file to be uploaded, which after being uploaded you can click on "save" which is available at the top bar.


Now that you have successful uploaded the file, click on the download button and copy the link address


Now move over to your blogspot blog and switch the content bar into html format


Still on

How to upload mp3 on blogger with pictures


Then put in the address you copied earlier into the space below written "replace with your copied address"



<audio controls>

<source src="replace with your copied address " type="audio/mpeg">




Congratulations, you have successfully uploaded your mp3 audio file on blogger using


update: currently, that method is not working anymore since google has stop offering the page

We are currently finding a better way to upload mp3 on blogger for your blogspot blog


Would get it updated soon ...

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