quit watching movies in 30 days




Do you want to quit watching movies, then read this all through

Everyone love to watch movies, yes but along the line, we begin to say.

Watching movies is a waste of time

So here I would take you through the following questions which has also being answered

  • What happens if I stop watching movies
  • Is watching movies waste of time ?
  • What can I do instead of watching movies ?
  • Reasons for watching tv/movies
  • Why do people watch tv
  • Bad effects of watching tv

Is watching movies waste of time ?

And more.

Yes watching movies is a waste of time, and no it is also not a waste of time

Most people believe movie leave their audience happy and also make them satisfied


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But the issue there are:

Do they gain anything from watching movies ?

Do they learn anything from the movie ?

With that we  can say if it is a waste of time or not


Negative effects of watching movies

People who watch violent acts are more  likely to be aggressive .

People who often watch violent acts do mostly feel unsafe

People usually learn bad act easily than good acts by watching movies


Positive effects of watching movies

Just as we have the negative part, so also do we have the positive side of watching movie

Watching movie bring one or more people together

Watching movie get us enlighten on what we never know before

Movies helps us get motivated

Movies get us entertained

Take note that those positive effects depend on which movie you choose .


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what to do instead of watching movies

So here are few things to do instead of watching movies .

Play cards

Instead of watching movies, you can get some fun by playing cards, and if any don’t know how to play them.

You can teach them how to play those cards

Quit watching movies: do this instead


There are better alternatives to watching movies, and they are things you can do without having the feeling to watch movies,



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