can i start forex with $10




   loking forward to start forex trading today ?, but don’t know if you can start forex with $10

And that bring the topic ‘ can I start forex with $10

then do well to read through this .


Even though forex had being available since the year 2019 bitcoin being the first was being made possible by either a group of programmers under the name satoshi nakamoto

As at then , not a lot really put much attention in it

So would be showing you best crytocurrency to invest in which is likely to explode soon

What is cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is a digital based network which is being distributed across large numbers of computers

Cryptocurrency is also a form of payment which can be exchanged online for either goods or services .


How cryptocurrency works

By making use of decentralised technology to let users make secure payments


Types of cryptocurrency

There are different types of cryptocurrency, they are provided below.

1. Bitcoin

this is the very first cryptocurrency that started the race in the year 2019

Satoshi nakamoto being the anchor which no one know seen after he had created it .

About it price prediction, an expert predicted that it would climb to over $100,000 per bitcoin this year (2021) and it has climbed even than that amount

And and the following are bitcoin authors

Craig steoen wright

Nich szabo

Vitalik buterin

Elon musk

Andreas antonopo

And some more

2. Ethereum :

  being the second largest cryptocurrency in the market capitalization and being the most active and well use crypto blockchain after bitcoin

Ethereum was initially released on 30th of July 2015

With there app which has more than one million plus download at this time of writing

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can i start forex with $10



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