Opera news hub dashboard: how to make money with opera news hub in nigeria




Opera news hub had being working for years and the most surprising is that not a lot of it users know they can make money from opera news

A site where you join the thousand others as creator then write on what you so much love while you earn on the other side .

That should be a lot a fun  , and beside that to help you understand better; I would be showing you a lots of things you really need to know and how you can join them up to how to create content around what you love

Which means , I would be answering some questions right in the post

Questions like:

Is opera news still paying

How much does opera news hub pay per click

How do I join opera news hub

How do I withdraw money from opera news hub ?

Do read on.

What is opera news hub all about

so opera news hub has  made it available for writers, social influencers, bloggers and who ever want to share what they love and make money in the process

The way they are being exposed to more users which in turn make the site owner some bulks and it’s writers are not left out they also has that chance of making money by sharing what they love

A good example

Let’s say I love everything about traveling and I wish to write all about what I know about traveling

I can decide to join the opera news hub and share what I know and want other to get enlightened which in turn can also let me expand more in knowledge while I get paid for sharing what I know

There are lots of people who are interested in traveling and tour

Below screenshot shows that lots of people would love to travel even during the lockdown of a thing

Opera news hub


So I decide to move down a bit and I hit another searchers query which is : “where can I travel to without quarantine”

And the related that follows show what others are also searching for

Which you can see below

Opera news

So to go a little more deeper, I will be taking you through on how to create an account on opera news hub, how to write an article on opera news, how to write for opera news hub and get paid, how to receive payment from opera news hub and more others I might not list

So ?

I would be sharing a lot that no one has ever shared with you, I will show you step by step on how to do them while I do that at my end and share the screenshot which would make you understand better.

People also search

How to write articles on opera news and get paid

how to run ads on opera news and so on.

Let’s begin by creating account with opera news

Creating account on opera news hub

So you can either create an account by using your Facebook account or your google account (gmail)

As for me I register by making use of the google account option ( I will advise you do the same)

The page that shows up next require you put in

  • Your photo
  • Your username
  • Your country

Once that is done you can click on confirm which lead you over to the next page

Now, the next page need your

  1. Username
  2. Category you had like to write on
  3. Profile picture
  4. Biography

Make them attractive.

In the next page available put in the required information

You have to make them your legal name along with your email address

Followed by your opay account number, after which you can move to the next

If you are yet to own a opay account, click here to create yours.

This way you can get paid your earning when you reach the threshold

Once the account has being created, you should see this right at the top of the page showing is simply letting you know  that your account is still under review

You would need to give  it some time ( minimum of two days ) to get it approved after which you can start publishing your content

Updated:  i actually have no plan of joining this group of writers, but due to this blog post I did that and here is what I got

  • My account got activated within 24 hours
  • I got 2 followers instantly after my account got activated

Now, that being covered.

Let’s quickly check on how to get our topics to write on even when we have no idea on what to write about.

How to get topic ideas to write on

Since most might be confuse on what to write I decide to add this as a bonus.

Before ever writing go over to google search bar and type any word related on your area of interest into the search bar

Boom !, while typing on the google search bar you should be automatically be provided with suggestions

They are exactly what people are searching for on google

Which means people would be very much interested to read on what you have to share .

 Writing for user and not yourself

So since we have seen that people are searching for a topic

We need to make sure no one on google has actually write on that exact topic

This way we would get people who would read on what we have written on

Not like those crappy stuff most do write

Agree on what your user need to see and provide them with those information

Simple tip that also work

After visiting opera hub writers dashboard you are being provided with what is currently trending

You can pick on your interest and write on it them publish

Most important is just for you to provide readers with the right information

What you must avoid doing on opera news

There are few rule you have to follow if you really need a long time run on opera news

And they are:

Copyright violation

Click bait titles which are:



Must watch


Sure fire and more

Conclusion: having show you how you can also start out on opera news hub, which other strategy do you think would work for you to make more money in the long run.

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