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Airtel free internet browser



Here are the airtel free internet browser available

It is very much possible to browse for free using your airtel sim, though it is very much difficult to get free browsing but they are very much available

One of the very one shared here work very well though, downloading with that might not be possible

Let's take a look at those shared and how they work.

Opera mini browser

Opera mini recently made it possible for  both airtel and mtn users to browse for free, and it has being working fine since then

Where users get 50mb daily to surf the web, some time ago they reduced that to  200mb but some weeks later, returned it back to 50mb

The app which has a space of about 49mb , this app can work both when there is data and where there is no data plan

Which only work without data for airtel and mtn .

Question around opera mini

There are few questions around the browser, which have being answered below

Where can I download opera mini

Opera mini browser is available for download on google play store and also available on there website.


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How can I get free 50mb on opera mini

So far you have the allowed sim for free  browsing (airtel and mtn) you always have  the chance to browse for free  with no setting

How can I use opera mini free data

Get either your own mtn or airtel sim card, get it activated

Open your opera mini browser app and start browsing for free


Airtel free internet browser for all browsing



Stark VPN for free browsing

I have being making use of this app for a long time

With this, I get 500mb daily and browse the web for free without the need to buy data bundle


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The stark vpn is also available for airtel,mtn,9mobile and glo; though I am yet to check if the glo browsing is still working fine

Stark vpn reloaded for airtel

To start making use of the stark vpn for your airtel free browsing

Get your airtel sim, buy one if you don't have

Visit google play store And install the stark vpn

Now get a sim with data, you can buy a data of #50 for this (just need to update the configuration)

Open the stark vpn and click the three lines above the side

Then click on "update tweaks", with this all the browsing tweaks should be showing in the box available at the middle of the app

Now choose a tweak of your choice and try connecting

If that don't work, choose another and connect

Is stark vpn safe

Yes, stark vpn is safe; so far it is being available on google play store .

Before apps are being made available on google play store, they are being checked to make sure they are safe for users

What is stark vpn reloaded used for

Surprising thing about the stark vpn is that it can do two different thing which I have get to know so far.

The stark vpn can hide your location, which means you can access some sites which are not allowed by your country

The stark vpn is also available for users who want to browse for free


Conclusion: airtel has the most available opportunity that help it users browse for free even without having to buy data subscription

With this I have shared the available and working airtel free internet browser for you to make use of


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