Thursday, July 15, 2021

how to hide friends on facebook lite app (two methods)


This is how to hide friends on facebook lite app easily without the help of anyone

One of the top reason why most people really want to hide their friends away from other is for them to stay safe (I think)

But then during my findings I notice it don't just go that way when I see that people are also asking this:

Can you hide friends on facebook from your spouse.

Quickly, let's get to hide our friends away from those human monitoring device (😁)



Install facebook lite app if you don't have that on your android phone


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Login into your account and move down to "setting"

Move down to the "audience and visibility" section.

Click "how people find and contact you" section


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And this is where we have all other opportunity to setting our account the way we would want it to be.

Now click on "who can see your friends list"

Great, I can now choose from any of the option available.

I can either make it available to the public which most people never change

And I can allow only friends see who my friends are (which i love much that way)

I can also decide to let all friends see who are on my friends list except some friends I might select


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If I really want to do it the other way, I might decide to choose which of the people on my friend list I want to give the space to

Congratulation, you gave successfully choose who you want to give access to in seeing your friend list


How to hide friends on facebook using browser


Hmm, this should also help most people who might prefer making use of their browser instead

Still with your mobile or laptop

Visit the facebook website

Click on the "menu button"

Move down to the footer of the site and click on "help and setting" section

Click on the "setting"

Now move down and check for "how people find and contact you" which is available under the "audience and visibility" section

Now click "who can see your friends list"

Now choose who which ever option you want


The method being used while trying to hide friends on mobile app is a bit different from the method being used on browser

Wrapping up

It is very important you hide who you have as friends on your list, so as to avoid people spying on your friend list

Though, most don't really bother about that but in a way to have my own privacy on the social media network


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