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How to start vlogging with phone


Want to start vlogging but currently have no camera to start out ?

Here I will show you how to start vlogging with phone (how to vlog with with your phone)

Welcome to the  ultimate guide where I will be showing you how to start your own youtube channel with you having to use your phone.

It is what many believe that without having a digital camera, they can't start a youtube channel of their own

A year back I created a youtube video without me having access to a digital camera all with my phone and yes it is very much OK

And there are lots of people who have  also done same thing with their phone and are getting result with it

Shall we ?


History about YouTube

YouTube is an online video sharing platform,

Which was created by three former paypal employees in the year February 2005

But then the following year (2006) google bought the site and since then have being the sole owner of one of the biggest online platform ever available

Through which users can login, watch videos, comments and like or dislike videos

And the great part is that anyone can upload videos on the platform as well .

is youtube free to watch

This is just one among the questions people ask when they want to watch videos on Youtube

Since it has being available to everyone who need an information or tutorial about something.

Youtube is free to watch from

No need of making payment, just connect to your WiFi or data to stream videos for free

Getting a youtube channel idea

Before thinking of creating a youtube channel, it is very much important you know what you want to share with your audience

This way your audience would be sure on what your channel is all about

E.g creating a video about "best laptop for watching movies"

Then creating another video on "best city to visit before you turn 60"

With this your audience won't know what your target is.

But creating a channel around laptops and computers, has made them know that all you share are all about computers and nothing more



This way you have the ability of retaining your audience and making them subscribe to your channel

Now let's quickly go through on what you can start blogging on .

Here I would be making use of two free tool to do this

The first is the powerful search engine (

I would be making use of that in getting what to vlog on (my target)

I put in my key phrase (laptops)

Then move below

Since I would like to create my channel around it

Then I move below to see more suggestions

(Though not important)

Now I did something to see if it would be very much ok if I go into that niche (area)

I just click the search bar and added the word "b"


I got this.


This shows that people are really interested about laptops which means there is chance of getting to your audience by targeting laptops

Setting up your youtube channel

Now let's setup the channel and start in no time

Move over to youtube by using the app






Look at the screen shot above and click that

This way we are moving to creating our own youtube channel

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If you click on it you should see the below screen shot




Now click on "your channel"

Boom !

That should show your channel and from the board you should be able to add more to make the channel stand out


 How to start vlogging with phone

Now, in image; put in an image that well describe your channel

In the "name" space

Put in what you would like your channel to be called (known as)




For me , I put in "laptop life" as the name of my channel

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Now click on create channel.

Adding your image

To add images, after clicking on the channel tab



This is available for you to add image if you have not done that.


You can add the description about your channel (what your channel is all about

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The next that shows is av for you to choose either to allow users to see how many subscribers you have

It is very much ok you keep that private for a start then letting it available when you have gotten a lot of subscribers.





Leave the next option the way it is

Now go back and let's go deeper into the steps to creating your videos

Getting your video title idea

You can't just create a video and give it a title of your own

No !, you might regret it

Title idea: manual method

It is very much important, one get a video title before creating videos

In a way to get title for our video, we would make a quick research to get what people are searching for

Title ideas: using tools

We can also get title for our YouTube videos by making use of tools

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Which are available in free and premium

Using google or google search trend

The powerful google has many tools most people don't know about, I visit

Then key in my phrase "best laptop for watching movies"




Since lots of people are searching for it

Then move down to the related searches


Now this are what people are searching for, you can create your video around this by using that as your title

(Still coming to that)


Answerthepublic is a site that provide users with questions google users type on

You can get key phrase from the site and create a video around it

Using Youtube

Youtube is also a great tool for getting title ideas for your youtube video


I decide to move over to youtube and ask question around laptops

And I got the ones you see above

You can also create a video around them

But take note that getting views from youtube might be very difficult since you don't know how competitive those keywords are




And in a way to make it more easier, there is a tool that would help you get them going and help you get views and subscribers within few months of using them

And that is where the tool known as tubebuddy comes in.

Using tubebuddy

Some time ago I decide to make use of tubebuddy, and with it I got some keyword for my next video

How to start Vlogging with phone

Though, I don't put much mind on Vlogging but with that I can get as much title as I want for my next video

Below image shows a keyword I can make use of for my next video after using the tubebuddy tool

You can get the tubebuddy tool here

Creating videos with phone

Now after we must have gotten our needed keywords

We need to start creating videos around them

So that way, we need a digital camera (no!)

Here is how I create my videos

I install the screen recorder app

With which I can record everything happening on my phone

Great part is that you can also video yourself by making use of the same app


You can install the app by following this link

Uploading your videos

To upload your video you can either make use of the youtube app or the youtube studio site

Here I am making use of the app

Visit youtube

Click on the plus sign at the middle of the bottom layout of the app

See image below


The next should show up

Click on upload video



Then choose the video you wish to upload


Then in the next page showing put in the keyword you got from google as your title (that is what people would search for to arrive on your video if you are well optimized for it




Caution: don't download others video to use, youtube might bring down your channel for copyright claim

I receive copyright claim after uploading a video that does not belong to me

See below

After you must have choose the video you wish to upload

Click the upload icon



Congratulations, you have successfully uploaded your first video

Repeat the steps to getting your title ideas and upload more videos

With that you are on your way to getting your chance to stand out from other youtubers

How to start Vlogging with phone

With this I can vlog without me having to use digital camera or what ever but with my android phone

I can reach out to my audience.

Conclusion: you have successfully learn how to start vlogging with phone even if you know nothing about it

Though most people still believe it get more easier when one make use of a video camera in creating videos.

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