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list of ppsspp games under 200mb


Are you looking out for list of ppsspp games under 200mb or more to choose from ?

I have made out list of PSP and

roid games for you to choose from

And they are being listed below


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 Zero chouaniki (japan)

This is a game that consist of action and shooter genre loved by over 2,462 players (it's users)

With 3.3 star rating which it has received so far

The game is available in many trusted website anyone can download from, the ppsspp game has a file size of 147.9mb which is also free from virus.

 Virtual tennis world tour

A tennis game being released for sony PlayStation portable being developed by sumo digital, and released in the year 1 September 2005

Which has received over 12,477 download since it is being released

And just as the rest, this has a file size of 154mb , which need to be used with PlayStation portable

 Untold legends: brotherhood of the blade

This game had being liked by 94% of it users since it was being released

Released in the year 2005  and developed by daybreak game company

Genre: action role - playing game

Has a mode of single and multiplayer mode

This game also has a file size of 129.4

Toy story 3 (m3)

Genre: action, role playing

Mode: can be played offline

Developed by  avalanche software

File size of 172mb


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Still on

List of ppsspp games

Street fight alpha 3 max

A competitive fighting game released in the year 1998 and developed by cap com

Having a total file size of 280mb that is a large a file to say

And there are other action games that looks more like it  also

The game can be played in the morning

The game can be played on the following platform: PlayStation portable, game bay advance, dreamcast, saga Saturn

Shirobido - tales of the ninja

A video game being developed by acquire and being released in the year 2006

Genre: hack and slash,stealth game

An action game which had a file size of about 213 mb and can be played with emulator

Impossible mission  (Europe) 92mb

An action game being released in the year 1994

Platform: emulator, acrone electron commodore

With a file size of 92mb


Conclusion: with the few ones listed I have showed you amazing ppsspp games to download and play


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