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how to increase whatsapp status views 2022


How to increase whatsapp status views

There are 2 ways to increase the number of times your status updates are viewed by other Whatsapp users. The first is to take a photo or video, and the second is to write an update that is entertaining or informative.

Methods to increasing status views

The first way you can increase the number of views on your status update is to take a photo or video with multiple people in it – this will get attention because more people want to see what others are up-to-date with.

The second way you can increase the number of views on your status update is to write an update which is entertaining or informative.

You can also add Whatsapp stickers to your status update, however this has limited benefit because people will not see them unless they have already added that sticker. Adding Whatsapp stickers to your text update will not increase your view count because they do not show in the  Whatsapp status screen.

When you send a status update you are showing other users what is currently happening with yourself. Because of this, the best type of message to send will be one that shows those around you that something has changed with you, or that something has happened at all.

When using Whatsapp, you may have noticed that most of the people you are messaging have been constantly updating with statuses, and that their message updates are virtually unreadable. This is because nobody else gets to see these messages and they are simply being wasted.

Whenever someone sends a status update, the app will show this update to all  of their contacts. However, the amount of people this update reaches is limited to only those who are within your phone contact list. This means that only a few people will be able to see your status updates.

The goal is to increase the number of people who can see your update. The best way to do this is by taking a photo or video, or writing an update that is entertaining or informative. Both of these methods will show the user what has changed with you, and will also increase the number of people who can see it due to more users getting curious.

A great way to take photos is by using your smartphone's camera app. This is because it will take photos automatically, and also allows you to do things like record videos and take long exposures of the sky. Another side benefit of taking photos with your camera app is that you can use it to take selfies.

How to increase whatsapp status views


When taking a selfie, be sure not to position yourself so that your head is in the middle or the center. Instead, try to place yourself on either side of the phone, or at an angle where there are no direct lines for anyone looking at the screen to see what you are looking at.

Whatsapp Status Pictures

A notable trend lately has been the addition of images to Whatsapp status updates. Some people adorn their status updates with multiple pictures, while others simply attach a single image to their message. As you can likely see, adding a single image will not change the amount of views an update gets. The main benefit received from adding images is that it forces your eyes to focus on one thing for longer, and also adds an artificial sense of length to your message.


This does not mean you should add multiple images to your message. On the contrary, you should try and keep your status updates as short as possible. This is because long messages will not provide sufficient information, and will bore people after reading the first two or three lines.

In addition to this, users who read your message will get distracted by pictures in the update. They'll look at it while waiting for a message to load, only to be lost in what you're trying to say. Therefore, it is best to avoid adding images to a status update and instead focus on simple words.

The best way to write a good Whatsapp status update is to keep things short and simple. You can do this by limiting your message to just one or two sentences. This will provide other users with the information they need, while keeping them engaged for the amount of time it takes to read one or two sentences.

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In addition, you should also try and avoid using slang in your message. This is because using slang can make it easier for other users to misunderstand you, thus causing you to lose their interest. Furthermore, if your message does contain any slang words, then other users will have a hard time understanding your message.

For instance, you could write the following sentence saying "I'm having baely burgers with my dally roll". Other users would not understand this message because they wouldn't be sure what words are being used. This means that the message is essentially useless.

Still on: how to increase whatsapp status views

The objective of any voice message using Whatsapp is to make the recipient feel as if they are having a real conversation with you, while also giving them valuable information. This means the best way to write a voice message is to use short sentences which contain vital information, and to avoid slang and unnecessary words.

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Whatsapp Status Lines


Another side effect of Whatsapp status updates is that Users can simply add more status update lines onto their status stream in order to keep their friends updated on what they're up-to-date with.

This is pointless because you actually won't know if a line has been added to your status update unless you see the others in your contact list. So don't waste your time by adding lines onto your status update when you could be using it for more important things.

The only time when adding line updates to your status is really worth doing is if there already exists a long status message and you want to add a new line.

This is because adding a new line to your status will make it look more organized and clear. Plus, if there already exists a long status update then you could be in the mood to make up another one.

The most important thing when sending Whatsapp Status Lines is that they should be short and to the point. They should contain no unnecessary words or sentences, or mean nothing at all. In this way, they will serve to simply inform others about what you are doing, and won't lose their interest.

The only exception to this rule is if your status update already includes a lot of content and you want to add a new line of text. This way, you will be able to make both posts look more organized.

Whatsapp Status Videos


There's no doubt that videos are very entertaining for your friends on Whatsapp. This is because people are more inclined to watch a video rather than read text.

People also tend to enjoy receiving videos more than they do receiving status updates. This is because the act of receiving a video shows that the person you are communicating with is actually paying attention.

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You can also use videos to make your Whatsapp status update look more interesting and entertaining, especially if you use them for important updates.


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