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Code to check bvn for all bank 2022


Code to check bvn available for all networks and banks.

So recently, I need my bvn number since I need it badly to setup an account but then I need to know the number


I decide to check through my phone but to my greatest disappointment, I can’t find it through any means

So to make that more easier for other so they don’t end up digging all up, I have prepare a well detailed instruction on how to get your bvn number in respective of your network provider or bank.


What is the bvn

The full meaning of bvn is “bank verification number“, the bvn contains 11 numbers being given to every user who need a bank account

Before having your bank account available

The bvn is also being mapped to you which consists :

  • Your signature
  • Your fingerprint
  • And your photograph


The use of bvn

  • Financial institutions has the access to track each customers (mostly on loan repayment)
  • The bvn also minimize cyberfraud
  • The bvn provide it owner information

Others are searching for

How to check bvn details online

Ussd code to check bvn

How to check bvn on mtn

Uba bvn code

Code to check bvn for gtb

How to check my bvn online

Code to check bvn on stanbic bank

Code to check bvn on etisalat


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Code to check bvn

To every network provider and every banks has made that easy for all

To get your bvn which contain 11 digit number, dial *565*0# by using the sim card you used during the process of creating the bvn


How to check bvn on mtn

Make sure you used the sim during registration

Dial *565*0# using the sim,  in no time you should see the bvn showing on your device

Though this would cost you #20

Write down the numbers and keep in a safe place .

It would be very much ok if you memorize the numbers .

How to check bvn on Glo

Make sure you used the sim during registration

Dial *565*0# using the sim,  in no time you should see the bvn showing on your device

Though this would cost you #20

Write down the numbers and keep in a safe place .

It would be very much ok if you memorize the numbers .


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How to check bvn on airtel

Make sure you used the sim during registration

Dial *565*0# using the sim,  in no time you should see the bvn showing on your device

Though this would cost you #20

Write down the numbers and keep in a safe place .

It would be very much ok if you memorize the numbers .

How to check bvn on 9mobile

Make sure you used the sim during registration

Dial *565*0# using the sim,  in no time you should see the bvn showing on your device

Though this would cost you #30

Write down the numbers and keep in a safe place .

It would be very much ok if you memorize the numbers .

How to check bvn details online

Log in to nibss bvn portal

Put in your bvn (might be required)

Follow by your password

validate your bvn

By providing your bvn, date of birth then validate .

how to check bvn on stanbic bank

You can also check through your bank

Conclusion: checking your bvn only has one way, but with this you can get your bvn by dialing the ussd code provided .


can i start forex with $10




   loking forward to start forex trading today ?, but don’t know if you can start forex with $10

And that bring the topic ‘ can I start forex with $10

then do well to read through this .


Even though forex had being available since the year 2019 bitcoin being the first was being made possible by either a group of programmers under the name satoshi nakamoto

As at then , not a lot really put much attention in it

So would be showing you best crytocurrency to invest in which is likely to explode soon

What is cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is a digital based network which is being distributed across large numbers of computers

Cryptocurrency is also a form of payment which can be exchanged online for either goods or services .


How cryptocurrency works

By making use of decentralised technology to let users make secure payments


Types of cryptocurrency

There are different types of cryptocurrency, they are provided below.

1. Bitcoin

this is the very first cryptocurrency that started the race in the year 2019

Satoshi nakamoto being the anchor which no one know seen after he had created it .

About it price prediction, an expert predicted that it would climb to over $100,000 per bitcoin this year (2021) and it has climbed even than that amount

And and the following are bitcoin authors

Craig steoen wright

Nich szabo

Vitalik buterin

Elon musk

Andreas antonopo

And some more

2. Ethereum :

  being the second largest cryptocurrency in the market capitalization and being the most active and well use crypto blockchain after bitcoin

Ethereum was initially released on 30th of July 2015

With there app which has more than one million plus download at this time of writing

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can i start forex with $10


quit watching movies in 30 days




Do you want to quit watching movies, then read this all through

Everyone love to watch movies, yes but along the line, we begin to say.

Watching movies is a waste of time

So here I would take you through the following questions which has also being answered

  • What happens if I stop watching movies
  • Is watching movies waste of time ?
  • What can I do instead of watching movies ?
  • Reasons for watching tv/movies
  • Why do people watch tv
  • Bad effects of watching tv

Is watching movies waste of time ?

And more.

Yes watching movies is a waste of time, and no it is also not a waste of time

Most people believe movie leave their audience happy and also make them satisfied


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But the issue there are:

Do they gain anything from watching movies ?

Do they learn anything from the movie ?

With that we  can say if it is a waste of time or not


Negative effects of watching movies

People who watch violent acts are more  likely to be aggressive .

People who often watch violent acts do mostly feel unsafe

People usually learn bad act easily than good acts by watching movies


Positive effects of watching movies

Just as we have the negative part, so also do we have the positive side of watching movie

Watching movie bring one or more people together

Watching movie get us enlighten on what we never know before

Movies helps us get motivated

Movies get us entertained

Take note that those positive effects depend on which movie you choose .


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what to do instead of watching movies

So here are few things to do instead of watching movies .

Play cards

Instead of watching movies, you can get some fun by playing cards, and if any don’t know how to play them.

You can teach them how to play those cards

Quit watching movies: do this instead


There are better alternatives to watching movies, and they are things you can do without having the feeling to watch movies,


Youtube video title ideas: how to find title for youtube video in 5 steps

video title ideas video title ideas


Want to learn how to find youtube video title ideas ? Then follow this guide where I would show you video title ideas and how to find them yourself .

There are different ways in which you can use in getting YouTube title that would also help you get the best in time .

After making use of one of the tips I share here, I was able to get a good title for my video; which after help me get some views


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Also, I would be sharing different tools which you can make use of in getting those title ideas for youtube videos

And how to make use of them to your own advantage .

Let’s move in ….


Video title vs video keywords


Title explain what a video is all about and why you should expect from the video

There is difference between title and keyword

Titles are what readers or viewers sees In a video

E.g 30 top most underrated movies you might not know

That is a title above which anyone would like to click and see those videos without second thought

What actually make a user click through is the catchy title being used

No worries, in no time would show you how to get catchy titles for youtube channel

And the below explain what a keyword is and how to get them.


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While keywords are

Keywords are what users search for on search engines.

Meaning they get over to your youtube video by searching for key phrase

Which means the keyword help them see our video on search engines but the title help them decide on which video to click on

Just like the title we once take a look at “30 top most underrated movies you might not know”

A clear example below

“Top most underrated movies” being  what people search for .

Then you try putting some words that would urge users to click through .

I can decide to turn that over by putting it in different ways .

How to find youtube video title ideas



Top most underrated movies I wish I have watch earlier

30 top most underrated movies many ignore

Top most underrated movies I learn from


There are few tools which can also help you with titles ideas with ease

But then, let’s go out for our keywords .

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There are lots of keyword tools out there which any one can make use of without having to learn for days on how to make use of them


How to find youtube video title ideas

Let’s quickly take a look at those tools and how you can make use of them


Usersuggest tool

Usersuggest is one of the first tool we  would take a look at, Usersuggest being managed by Neil patel was once a paid tool until he bought it and turn it a free tool


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But sadly, some time ago it turned a paid tool and since had being having better features .

With Usersuggest you can  get great and good keywords for your youtube videos .


 Ahrefs keyword research tool

Being the next tool, you can either plug in a key phrase you really want to make a video on then generate a keyword which has high search volume and low competition .

With which you can get your youtube video title ideas with just few click

I made used of it and get a great title for my youtube video with no one help


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Semrush keyword magic tool

Ahrefs and semrush are both great tools for keyword research for either bloggers or youtubers

With which can also help you get keywords for your next youtube video

Still on …

how to find youtube video title ideas


Tubebuddy for youtube

Being specially made for youtubers tubebuddy is also a great tool which can help you get keywords easily and also get competitors tags

By just putting in key phrase and checking the competition .

To start with here I want to write on how to add users to google search console

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 Following this guide, getting your keywords and paraphrasing it in a way users would love to click and check through should never be difficult again

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That is how to find youtube video title ideas easily using different methods


glo 1500 subscription | glo data plan and code



glo 1500 subscription plus other glo data plan and code

All round there are many active heavy data users, who can consume up to 5GB a week And even more .

So that is why glo 1500 subscription is there for them , you would need to read all through

Would also show you the complete glo data plan available and how to get them .

Glo claim they are the grand master of data, are they correct with that ?; yes they are correct and they have prove that

Glo has it daily glo data plan, weekly glo data plan, Monthly glo data plan, flexi plans, the blackberry plans e.t.c

With much higher volume of data for lesser price, being provided to it customers.

First let’s take a look at other data plan starting from the lowest  plan up to the highest .

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Glo #50 data plan

Being the lowest data plan available, it is also known to be ok for those who don’t consume much data, which gives 27mb + 5mb to it customers and 45mb for new customers which has 1 day validity.

The 5mb added is their bonus


Glo 100 data plan

This attract fee of 100 naira for 160mb for new customers and 150mb for their existing customers, 35mb bonus being calculated which give a total of 150mb and could be used on all operating systems

Which also has a validity of a day which after can’t be amde available again


Glo 200 data plan

This data plan gives 240mb and a bonus of 110mb calculated together to make a total of 350mb to make use of

New customers enjoy 440mb data bundle and bonus of 110mb at the same price with existing customers

This data plan has a validity of two days which after, the data would not be available again for use.


500 naira glo data plan

This plan has a data volume of 800mb for it users along with 550mb which is valid for 2 days


Glo monthly data plan

This plan is set more for people who make use of the internet and social media a lot and with this they have to save without losing


Glo 1000 naira data plan

This has a validity of 30 days, and gives 1.9gb plus a bonus of 600mb for night for existing customers

Then 3.2gb plus a bonus of 500mb for night available for new customers.

To subscribe sail *127*53#


Glo 1500 subscription code

this is exactly what you might have searched for (glo 1500 subscription)

This is  what lots of people need since it would be an advantage to them

This data plan which is available for heavy data users, though there are other plan with higher price and higher volume of data but this is the best

This can help a lot since most heavy data users consume more data but with this plan you gain more than other smaller plan

Which means , you won’t have to loss much money for other smaller data plan which can be used up in no time .

You can purchase this data plan by sending a text message with the number “55” to 127


Or you can use a ussd code by dailing *127*55#

Apart from this, there are other better plan than the glo 1500 subscription.

The below are other glo data plans and there subscription code


Glo 2000 for 5.8gb

Which gives new customers 1.5gb which includes the night plan

Also valid for 30 days

To subscribe sail *127*55#

Glo 2500 for 7.7gb code: *127*58#

Glo 3000 for 10gb  code: *127*54#

4000 glo plan for 13gb code: *127*59#

Glo 5000 plan    code: *127*2#

8000 glo data plan    code: *127*1#

Glo 10,000 data plan  code: *127*11#

15,000 data plan glo    code: *127*12#

Glo 18,000 data plan   code: *127*13#

20,000 for glo 138gb   code: *127*33#


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And many more

Glo the grand master of data has the best data offer available

how to unblock link on facebook (2 methods)



showing you the simple guide on how to unblock link on facebook yourself; lots of we bloggers or web owners do like sharing our links on social media platform mainly having it in mind of driving in traffic over to our website

But then, in the cause of sharing in here and there facebook then block the link out from there platform

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But why that ?, anyway I would show you reasons why facebook must have block that link from showing and possible method that would help you unblock them to start showing on facebook again

I once made use of one of the method I would show you that help me unblock url of a friend within two days and would also show you simple and yet important tips that would help you escape getting block again .

Let’s dig in ….


Facebook briefing

Facebook being one of the most popular social media platform that can help you drive traffic over to your blog if done the right way

but most do have the lock of getting there link block then get to ask question like: why can’t I post my website link on facebook, why do facebook block my link .


So .

 Why do facebook block my link/url

There are many reason why facebook must have block your url which you might have caused .

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Someone report your website

OK, so since you share you link on facebook someone might feel offended, or don’t want to see the link (you know) then decide to take that over to another level by  reporting the url to facebook, facebook in their own space would want to keep their users safe then decide to block it out .

So you need to know how to unblock link on facebook


You might want to watch a video instead; do well to watch the video below




Credit: Koji agudah

Facebook algorithm’s mistake

So since facebook algorithms does most of the work, it might pick up your link due to what it is being commanded to do then block your url out

Still on

How to unblock link on facebook


Your site might be infected

Probably, your website might contain code that might harm to others

So in that situation; facebook block the url out in the sense to keep it’s users safe .

Violated facebook rules

Just as every other websites has their policies; so do facebook has theirs which help to govern there community standards


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You might have go against one of their rules which has in turn get your url blocked out from there community


People also search

How to unblock domain in Facebook

How to unblock link on facebook

Facebook blocked my business page

Facebook URL unblocker


So since one of the things mentioned above might have created your url being blocked, in the next step I would show you how to post a blocked url on facebookhow to unblock domain in facebook and how to avoid being block later on facebook .

 How to post blocked links on facebook

Here I would be showing you how to post blocked url on facebook .

So, you might not be the type who would like going through the stress of unblocking the url then you need an alternative

Check below …

Best url shortener for facebook

So in a way to post blocked url on facebook, you can make use of a url shortener which would be in place of your url

Through this, you can post your links on facebook without it getting blocked .

Below are the url shortener available

1 .Bitly.com

Bitly.com let you shorten your url using the  link bit.ly and the good part is that you can customize it to yours .

2. Tinyurl

Link with free tool with customization which also help redirect fast with allowing any to see links .

Other link shortener available are:

  • rebrandly
  • clickmeter
  • short.io
  • bl.ink
  • t2mio.com
  • tiny.cc
  • polrproject.org
  • yourls.org

To make use of any of those url shortener simply go through your blog and copy one of your blog post then move over to any of the link shortener you want (I love bitly.com and tinyurl.com)

Then paste the blog post link into the first box available and click “make tinyurl”

If you are making use of tinyly it should automatically shorten the link for you .

Now you are free to copy the link and share over to any social media platform .

And with the screenshot below it shows that I have successfully shared the link on facebook .

In the next step, I would show you how to unblock link on facebook using two powerful methods .

One of this method would help you get your url unblocked within two days .


 Unblock url on facebook  (method 1)

This method need you to get to the facebook help team then appeal through the form but it is also very important you get other account to appeal for you also, in that way it should trigger them to go through and do what you really want .

Take note: if your website contains content that goes against their community standard, then they won’t unblock the url

E.g site selling or promoting harmful stuff or some bad stuff, then there is no need to appeal because they would not unblock such link .

For you to get over to them simply make use of this link


Unblock link on facebook  (method 2)

So this method works fast than the rest, with this you could get your link unblock within two days .

But I warn you; don’t trade with this , many are out there who seriously need them to unblock their url from facebook .

Go through this link: Info++aazqxmdc3who4z@support.facebook.com

Now !, how do you get them to unblock your url ?

Send them a message letting them know your url had being blocked and you have corrected every possible mistake and won’t allow such to take place .


Congratulations, you have successfully unblock your url on facebook

But still yet, you need to take  care and avoid getting block again


This is simple but yet the powerful methods you can use in unblocking url on facebook all by yourself without the help of those gurus you have around

That is the simple guide on how to unblock link on facebook




How to upload mp3 on blogger with pictures



Would be showing you the quick tips on (how to upload mp3 on blogger) or (how to upload an audio file to blogger) it is very much known that that we all as bloggers can’t buy a wordpress hosting due to one reason or another.

This is not bad anyway, so due to that most guys who are making use of blogger free hosting do find a way to upload audio files on blogspot .

Recently, I shared how to get free domain for blogger


history of blogger

Blogger started on august 23, in the year 1999 and since then being active and made free.


Which was bought in 2003 by google

In which a user can create more that 30 blogs per account, With over 60 languages being supported


what can you do with blogger


You can turn the blogger blog into many which few are listed below.


Host webinars.



Offer coaching services


Offer services



Promote an affiliate product


Premium gated pages




And that is where this topic comes in, where guy who blog on music find one way or another to post on blogger.


Showing a very simple steps, I would show you how to upload audio files on blogger (well known as blogspot)


There different ways in which you can use to upload mp3 player on blogger, one which is by making use of google site


Which would be the first method available for you to upload audio file on blogger

Since you already have your blogspot blog ready, we need few stuff to get it done


Move over to sites.google.com, you can click this link to visit the page immediately

Take note that the site is not mobile friendly, so it would be better to view it on desktop mode.



On the bottom page of the site, click on classic sites.


On  the next page click on the “create” icon then click “in classic sites”


Take a look at the screenshot for better guide .


On the right side of the page, there is the create page icon

Do click on it.


Which should redirect you to another page.


You can name the page as you want than hit “create” which should redirect you up to another site where you can put in your mp3 file


Now in the new page available, click “add files”, then select the file you wish to upload.


Wait for the file to be uploaded, which after being uploaded you can click on “save” which is available at the top bar.


Now that you have successful uploaded the file, click on the download button and copy the link address


Now move over to your blogspot blog and switch the content bar into html format


Still on

How to upload mp3 on blogger with pictures


Then put in the address you copied earlier into the space below written “replace with your copied address”



<audio controls>

<source src=”replace with your copied address ” type=”audio/mpeg”>




Congratulations, you have successfully uploaded your mp3 audio file on blogger using sites.google.com


update: currently, that method is not working anymore since google has stop offering the page

We are currently finding a better way to upload mp3 on blogger for your blogspot blog


Would get it updated soon …

how to get free tk domain for blogger







Showing you how to get free tk domain for blogger and also the required steps on how to add tk domain in blogger .


It is very much possible to get a free domain name for your blogger blog, Would be showing you how to get a free domain for blogger any moment from now.

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choosing a free domain has it advantages and it disadvantages

Which Are:


Disadvantages of a free domain

Making use of a free domain might not look professional


A free domain might not appear on search engine (there is no guarantee of seeing it in search result)


It is not good for business or long time work


Advantages of a free domain


You get more knowledge on how to work on your blogger blog


Helps knows what you need to know ahead (though it is better to migrate over to a self hosted blog)


Steps on how to get a free domain name.


To get a free domain, move over to freedom.com


Now, in the box provided put in any name you wish


In my own case I use the word bazeng and got the following extensions, it is my turn to choose which ever extension I want



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But for this tutorial, I would choose the .tk extension


So I clic the “get it now” button


After clicking that it should show that I have pick the domain extension, now with the button above which says [check out]


After clicking on the checkout button it should arrive in a page where you got the chance to choose how long you want to have access to the domain


With me, I choose 12 months @free this way I would have access to the domain for a year


Now  click continue.


In the next page available you need to put in your email address to verify


But since I already own an account with them, I would click the sign in button


After putting in your gmail address, you should receive an email asking you to verify; which is valid for just 24 hours


I got to check the mail then got this after clicking the link


Screenshot 20210223 043323



As you can see I have filled up the required details, you  also should do the same.


After that mark the “I have read and agree to the terms and conditions”


Then click complete order, with that I have gotten the domain name for free


Click the button below to visit the client area.


How to add/link .tk to blogpsot


Now in my client area, I move below the site and click “my domain”


Then click “manage freedom DNS”


Now put I’m the cname and copy each record in the required box


Move over to your blogspot blog dashboard, in the setting section

Click “custom domain”


Now, move back to the freenom site and create “cname” in the type field



Copy the given cname from your blogger dashboard and paste accordingly


Do the same to the destination.


Click on add more records

Just as seen in the image below.


tk domain to blogger 3 2B 25281 2529




Add more records and paste the given google IP address below in the box available




Check the image below


link .tk to blogger 2B 25281 2529
credit: tipsonblogging.com




Save them one after the other


Now, move back to your blogger dashboard and save


You have successfully connected your free domain to your blogspot blog


Conclusion: now you have know how to get and add tk domain on blogger for free; remember, it is still very much important that you get a well known domain and move over to a wordpress blog .


Top 10 multi level marketing companies in nigeria


multi level marketing companies in nigeria, best paying mlm in nigeria

There are lots of mlm marketing companies in nigeria today; which has made lots of people break out of there financial boundage

Though most people do call them “all scam” they might be right in there own opinion, since most of those companies are just there to deceive and scam people.

Anyway, I would be showing you available list of mlm companies available in nigeria but won’t be deciding which is a scam or not since I am in no position to do judge

Here you go .

What is multi level marketing

(Mlm) also known as multi level marketing is being fully known as direct marketing, selling, referral marketing used by most companies as means of marketing strategy

In a more clearer version, it is a strategy being applied by companies to encourage their distributors to bring in more distributors

How mlm business works

Companies who try selling there products through distributors, which also include food, but then decide to get their products out over to many by paying their distributors money of each distributor they get for them .


And yes, you can make money from them if you promote them the right way .

And with that you can find lots of those distributors out there today; (they lady next to you might be one of them 🤓)

 Recharge and get paid

Owned by Mr ositadimma oshopo, who story was gathered that he gained admission into a university but lost that because he could not pay the sum of #13,000 for registration

Now, he lost something to gain another; he now provide job opportunity to whosoever is interested in his program

Where people either make money when they use the product (buying airtime or data) or sell the product to people

When you bring in a new member, you get paid for it.

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All along with other bonus attached to the business.


Longrich is also another mlm company that own a product or more

Where they have consumers products that include skin care products, health products, household cleaning items, and many other things I don’t list here

There are two ways available to make money

The first

You can make money by selling the product available to you which are owned by the company

You can also make money by building up your own team then get the opportunity to get commissions from sales made by your team members along with commission earned for being a team leader.

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Gnld (Golden neolife diamite)

This is being brought in by jerry brassfield, a company based in the united State

a company which mainly base on food supplement and drugs.

It is very sad that today nigerain gnld distributors has taken it too far for them to get marketers for their price


By inviting people to  fate  promotion, job interview


George udonte had written more on that in a blog post he recently published which is made available here

Multi level marketing companies in nigeria


Oriflame, a leading selling beauty company, which also helps individuals start there own business

Anyone can make money by selling oriflame products as an oriflame distributors

Which anyone can join  through the online registration form, by signing into oriflame dashboard then selecting a product to buy

Joining oriflame product which worth the minimum of 9,900

Oriflame product which are :


  • Oriflame hydrated face cream
  • Oriflame milk honey and body cream
  • Oriflame tender care cream

Helping hands international

A organization that is being setup to help the less privileged in the society

While they also assist with clothes, food,medical,transportation, dental and jobs !

Which is an international NGO, global opportunity born out of passion

There is easy way to register into helping hands international, which has registration fee of #6,600

Norland international

Norland comprises of large scale transaction which covers medical, direct selling, health, medical services and finance .

This organization also let there distributors sell their products to make money

Mary Kay

A direct cosmetics marketing company which is owned by an american.

Being the sixth largest marketing company in nigeria ;

Which has produce many earners through their program

With this Mary Kay has created more opportunities for women by letting them control by letting them control there very own future .

Conclusion on multi level marketing companies in nigeria

Yes, just as earlier stated; making money through mlm is very much possible that anyone has the freedom to choose which one he or she decide to go into.

How to browse free on airtel sim



Showing you how to browse free on airtel sim, there are several ways in which you can get the airtel free browsing


There are lots of guys who might have given or shared what they do not know ; you might have tried them without getting result


Note: most of the trick might have stop working at the time of writing this post.


In case the first method don’t work, check the next option and try it out (that is after you might have tried the first option without getting result).


Here I would be showing you three methods on how to browse with airtel without recharge or data plan


1. Free browsing with opera mini browser


Yes, you can browse for free by making use of your opera mini browser, this had being working fine for a long time


No trick.


Recently, airtel and mtn had made it possible for there users to have access to free browsing by making use of there opera mini browser.


If you are on a low phone you might not have the opportunity to do that.


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For you to have access to the opera mini free browsing kindly, get either a airtel or mtn sim


Install the opera mini browser from your google playstore .




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Launch the browser and start browsing for free.


Take note: this free browsing would stop once you exceed the 50mb daily limit


Oh bad 😦….

Still On:

How to browse free on airtel sim

Advantage only for low users where they can do a day without consuming the 50mb opera mini data allocated to them 🤔 (remember the old good days, where you can use 10mb for a day)


What if you are the type who like to browse heavily then this won’t benefit you as you require


So …..


Check the next option available for you


2. Opera mini handler

Through research, I find out that one can also make use of opera mini handler to browse for free which available for Glo, mtn  and airtel


Since I have not tested that on my own, I can’t assure you 100% usage


You might want to know more about it, so I would drop a link below for you to check it out and try your luck

Ok  ……


there are some other ways to browse with your airtel sim and the next one below is free


3. Browsing with vpn

This is the most popular method being used to get free browsing, which is known to be available for airtle, 9mobile, glo and mtn, other available networks are not excluded


I won’t go into details of those vpns anyway but would only list them below along with latest vpn that works for free browsing

1.stark vpn for mtn

2. tweakware vpn

3. http injector

4. hammer vpn

5. the droid vpn

6. the opera mini handler

7. Xp psiphon vpn

8. Netloop vpn


Most of those available vpn require you to have some data plan, mostly social bundle which after being connected can be used to browse and download .


If you non of the above work then you would have no other option than to use the following method .


They are:

Browse with airtel airtime or browse with airtel social bindle plan .


So ……


How to browse with airtel airtime



How to browse with airtel social bundle