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List of site to buy cheap airtime online

Buy airtime online



There are numerous site that claim they sell airtime and data but only few do sell at cheap rate; so here are site to buy cheap airtime and data from .


Which means you got the chance of buying airtime and data from site that offer them at cheaper price .


1. Jumia pay

I started making use of this in the year 2019 after it was being recommended for me by a friend on the blue app (facebook) .


I can say they don’t sell cheap but the fact that they do give cash back make me stick with them .


They also do give out #500 bonus when you refer others to them even if the person end up buying airtime or data below #200


You can click here to buy from them


2. Paycheap.ng

The next site on the list is paycheap.ng which sell mtn, airtel,Glo and 9mobile at cheaper price by giving out a 4% discount .


They don’t only sell airtime alone, they also provide data bundles, bulk sms,tv sub, money transfer and electricity bill


One of the great things I love to see is also included; you get #500 when you refer others to paycheap .


And you can also start selling airtime and data by making use of the site .


There by you would be making more money to your pocket

Still on

List of site to buy cheap airtime


3. Recharge.com

This site also claim they sell airtime And data to those who need it .


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Though they shows that they provide both airtime and data recharge for glo, airtel, 9mobile, and mtn .


4. Quickteller.com

This is also a site that sell airtime and data for any preferred network where you buy airtime at 10% discount .


5. Vtuking.ng

Hmm, this has to be added to the list of site that provide discount on airtime purchase .


Conclusion on site to buy cheap airtime

Having show you some sites that provide airtime and data and cheaper rate, take note that there are lots of them that are available out there on the web so you need to be careful where you want to buy from


One of the best I would always recommend is the jumia pay .

airtel my offer data plan: best airtel sub available





Airtel my offer has made every airtel user get the opportunity to buy data bundles at more cheaper rate .


Which means you can buy data bundles at cheaper rate using there subscription code .


Though you need to be eligible for the data bundles you want to have access to buy

For example


  • 1gb for 300 naira daily
  • 2gb for 500 naira daily
  • 1.5gb for 500 naira 14 days
  • 3gb for 1000 naira 30 days
  • 6gb for 1500 naira 30 days
  • 9gb for 2000 naira 30 days
 Which might be made available on some airtel sim cards, while at the other side some other sim cards might have the following
  • 1gb for 300 naira daily
  • 2gb for 500 naira daily
  • 6gb for 1500 naira daily
  • 750mb for 500 naira 14 days
  • 1.5gb for 1000 naira 30 days
  • 2gb for 1200 naira 30 days
  • 3gb for 1500 naira 30 days
 But currently, here are the plans available on airtel which is available in the airtel offer pack .
  • 2gb for 500 naira daily
  • 1.5gb for 500 naira 14 days
  • 3gb for 1000 naira monthly
  • 4gb for 1200 naira monthly
  • 6gb for 1500 naira monthly
  • 9gb for 2000 naira monthly
  • 16gb for 3000 naira monthly

How to activate airtel offer plan

 To activate the airtel offer plan fail *141# after which on the next option shown reply 1 and send, now choose which plan you want .


  To activate data on the airtel network dial *141#
now the rest depends on which airtel data plan you want to activate; check through the options and choose your preferred plan
  • How can I get airtel 4GB 1000 naira ?
  To get the airtel 4gb data at the rate of 1000 naira, kindly make use of the offer option though you might need to add about 200 naira to get the 4gb for 1000 naira
  • Which airtel plan is the best
   For a very long time now, I have being making use of the offer provided by ai

airtel and I would also recommend that to others who need to get the best airtel data plan .


Conclusion on airtel my offer: it is very much advisable you make use of the data offer own by airtel which would help you save some money.

long tail pro download free for bloggers

longtail pro download



After  seeing that the word “long tail pro download” is actually being searched for made me know that I am not only the person who really like to use a premium keyword research tool for free .


We all want to start ranking on google but might not have the money to buy a premium keyword research tool


Long tail pro has what is good at doing (what you can use the tool for).


With long tail pro you can have the chance of using the rank checker tool, analyzing your competitors, keyword research And many more which I had not mentioned above .


What can long tail pro do ?


Long tail pro can do the following listed below (there are also other tools that can do same task like long tail pro do)

Long tail keywords


With long tail pro you have the opportunity of getting more related and long tail keywords with low competition by making use of your seed keywords


You can also get keywords your competitors rank for then pick those keywords and write on them though those keywords should be easy to rank for also


Many other tools like semrush, ahrefs, kwfinder and some more also provide these (long tail keywords)


Since they are known to be mostly with low competition


Long tail pro difficulty (competition)

This show how competitive a keyword is to rank, which is being shown in numbers ranging from 0 – 100


0 – 29 being seen to be the ones any one can rank on first page, but remember you have to check to see if those keywords are truly easy to rank


Since those keywords might have being targeted by others which then would make them competitive.


With low kc keyword you should be able to beat out to google first page with little to no link pointing to the page you want to rank .


Serp analysis

To make the research more easy and for you to avoid high competition keywords, long tail pro also provide serp analysis which would help you analyze the first page of google in other to know what we are competing against


Since we don’t really trust the seo difficulty score given by long tail pro tool


Once you move the next step to check analysis on the keyword


You are being provided with metrics such as :


Citation flow : this shows the citation of the page .


Trust flow : this shows the backlink profile of the page .


Domain tf and cf : this shows the citation flow and trust flow of the domain .


External backlinks : this shows the numbers of links the ranking page has .


Page referring domains : shows how many domains links are being gotten to the page .


Root ref : numbers of domain link are being gotten to the root domain .


Indexed urls : the amount of indexed url referring to the target domain


Internal links : the numbers of internal links that ranking page get .

Long tail pro rank tracker

Having written on a keyword, optimized it, you might want to know which page of that blog post is currently ranking without having to check the serp manually .


This way you would know which page your content is sitting on within two minutes .


Then you can decide if you need more links to push it over to the nearer page (first page) .

Long tail pro pricing monthly


The price of the tool are monthly and annually/yearly


Monthly starter: $37/mon


Monthly pro: $67/mon


Monthly agency: $147/mon

Long tail pro pricing annually


Annual starter: $297/year


Annual pro: $537/year


Annual agency: $1177/year


On every plan including the monthly and yearly (you can get 30% discount on them all)


Long tail pro download

Currently, I am finding a way to download longtail pro and make it work;  during the cause of the research


You can take the opportunity of getting all other tools along with long tail pro for a cheaper price


Click the link below to register then buy any plan of your choose


Click here to register


300+ sarcastic facebook statuses that will get likes

sarcastic facebook statuses that will get likes

Here are sarcastic facebook statuses that will get likes; I mean lots of likes if you are on the right path.


This happens to me a very  long time and all I do think is if I really have people who do see my status. And yes, there are lots of people who do see and read my facebook status but don’t really like it because .


* not funny or makes no sense

* you don’t foster engagement

* not posting media

* targeting the wrong followers

* posting too often

* you lack creativity

* you are not engaging in the others posts


The above listed are reasons why no one like your facebook status .


But no worries, after those status given; I have explained a better way to get it done without breaking rules .



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Status everyone will like

1. Spread kindness not germs .

2. Stay positive, better days are on their way

3. I will make a promise i would not do it again.

4. I am working hard because i realised that money don’t walk by itself into my pocket

5. If you don’t want to get sick , the key is only one . be healthy.

6. rich people are afraid of being poor, but the poor are not afraid of being rich.

7. The easiest way to find missing stuff is by buying new stuff .

8. Follow your heart, but don’t forget to use your brain.

9. Even if it is hard, be kind, a little kindness here goes a long way there

10. Live your life and live your life, you can’t change how people feel about your life .

11. I love people give me a lot of attention, drown me in the river of attention.

12. They clai they know me , well enough, while I don’t Even know myself .

13. My goal this weekend is to move only enough, so people know I’m not dead

14. Click like if you consider yourself lucky and share your lucky moment .

15. You know you are desperate for an answer when you look on the second page of google .

16. The only thing that prevent me from smashing my alarm clock this morning is because that it’s my cell phone .

17. If you are running away from your problems, you might also chase after your  dreams .

18. I may not be there yet , but i am closer than yesterday

19. if i owned a copy store I would only hire identical twins .

20. don’t believe everything you think.


Best facebook status ever 

  1. If you lost your shoe at the end of a party, you are not cinderella you’re probably drunk.
  2. I always learn  from the mistakes of others who take my advice.
  3. We live in a society where jumia orders arrive at your house before the police.
  4. Nobody is perfect that is why pencil has erasers.
  5. Stop calling yourself hot, the only thing you turn on is the microwave !
  6. Are we all not internet explorers ?
  7. Girls are beautiful, not hot. They are not temperature.

 Inspirational facebook statuses that will get likes

  1. I may not be there yet but I am closer than yesterday.
  2. Never you look back. If Cinderella went back to pick up her shoe, she would not have become a princess.
  3. Weak people revenge. Strong people forgive, intelligent people ignore.
  4. Love is deaf. you can’t tell someone you love him/her. You have to show it.
  5. Smile, laugh, happy looks good on you.
  6. Keep smiling… One day life will get tired of upsetting you.
  7. Life is a journey, not a race.

 Facebook status that will get attention

  • Facebook: the only book we read these days.
  • Liking your own status , is like high giving yourself in public.
  • Tired there is a nap for that.
  • I can resist anything except temptation.
  • If swimming is an exercise, then explain whale to me.
  • My wallet is like an onion, when I open it, it makes me cry.
  • If at first you don’t succeed, redefine success.

 Freaky status for facebook

  1. If you are running away from your problem, you might also chase after your dreams.
  2. Don’t believe everything that comes to your mind.
  3. What would you do if you have some fingerprint with your enemy.
  4. I am a b**b (om) technician, if you see me running, try to keep up.
  5. I would have like to play with a lion but my mum says I play a lot; so….

funny facebook statuses that will get comments

  1. when you see a man opening a car door for a woman, it is either; the car is new or he newly get married to her.
  2. I always feel like an idiot but I am an idiot, so it kinda work out !
  3. My daughter wanted a cinderella themed birthday party. So I invited all her friends over and had them clean the house
  4. A whale swims all day, only eats fish, drinks water, and is fat.

funny clever facebook statuses for likes and comments

  1.  A tortoise don’t run.. Does nothing, and lives for 450 years, and you tell me to exercise . I don’t think so!
  2.  time is precious. Waste it wisely.
  3. You can’t be late until you show up.
  4. T.G.I.A ( thanks goodness I’m awesome !)
  5. trust me; you can dance – vodka


Conclusion on sarcastic facebook statuses that will get likes: having provide the best status for either your facebook, twitter or Instagram update; make use of it to make someone out there smile or laugh out.


free browsing with vpn: how to browse free with vpn on android

Free browsing with vpn


How to get Free browsing with vpn ; and with that there are a lot that have being listed below, which means you would have to spend less on your data.

Most of those apps are not VPN apps but works when instructions are being followed, which means you might have to follow some little instruction.

These apps work for all networks which includes; Glo,9mobile,Vodofone,MTN,Cell C,Airtel,Sun,Orange,Flow,Telkomsel,Digicel and many more.


#1. PSiPHON pro VPN

This VPN has being working for quite some time now, and is known to work on all sims.

To enjoy the free browsing claimed;

-Download the app and open it with the sim you prefer.

-Click on START and wait while the VPN gets connected.

-Once connected you can start browsing,downloading and streaming online without having a subscribed data bundle.


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#2. Netloop VPN

After being rebranded, the VPN now has proxy server and VPN;this vpn works with 0.0kb tweak and the 9mobile tweak or any other known free browsing trick. This VPN has the ability to modify and use multiple concurrent connections to the VPN.

*Has the ability to strip and choose a number of connections to be maintained.

*Ability to share configurations through any file transfer method.


#3. Spark VPN

The Spark VPN act as a virtual firewall in order to protect your device;which in turn allows you to access blocked websites.

Also help you to browse the a Internet securely and privately.

This VPN enables you to;

-Change your DNS.

-Compress data.

-Has a built in SSH client.

-Support proxies.

-Saves your phone battery’s life.

*To get this connected and start browsing the Internet freely, kindly read this guide available here.


How to get free browsing with vpn


#4. Hammer VPN

Hammer VPN offers “bandwidth version” which is unlimited which you can sign-up for.

You can make a purchase of unlimited VPN for a little price of $4.25 monthly.

*This said VPN create a secure connection in a way that third parties can’t get information. This way you are out of the dangerzone of getting your information stolen by third parties or hackers.

*Every users has the opportunity of enjoying 100mb daily for free and once exhausted, it would automatically turn off.


#5. HTTP injector free internet

HTTP is being used to run SSH or VPN packaged in a way to produce safe and secure connection.

-This has also being available all through with other free browsing VPN.

*It has these features;

-It hide notification symbol.

-It selects new payload,generator,server,app filter.

-Features ‘dark mode’.

-Dns tunneling.

-Has support for 10. Android version.

Want to get this configuration setting have the opportunity to browse for free?

Check this article: http injector configuration setting



People also search:

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how to get free data on android without service

apn setting for free internet on android

how to get free phone service without wifi

apn setting for free internet on android

how to get free data and airtime

how to unshare data on glo without knowing the number



how to unshared data on glo



How to unshare data on glo; just notice the rate at which people currently do search for a way to unshare their glo data due to one reason or the other


Just noticed that your data do get exhausted than it always was after you have shared with a friend or close relative


To better save your data and money it is better to remove such number from sharing your data plan with you .


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Unshare Glo data bundle


To check out and know who you are sharing your glo data plan, kindly send the word “list” to the number 127 


 The other way round, you can choose to make use of USSD command to get the list of who you are sharing your data with .



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Getting the list of those you share your data with, kindly dial *127*00# and the list would be made available to you


Having know who you are sharing your data with; you can choose to remove them by either making use of ussd code or by making use of text message in removing the unwanted number.



How to unshare data on glo


To remove who you share your glo data with using ussd code kindly use the command *127*02*the phone number# 

for better understanding


zoom ! That should remove the number from the list .



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You might want to send text message instead then you can make use of the following command


Write your message with the word “remove” along with the phone number you want to remove from the list

E.g remove 07047586593 and send it to “127”


How to share data on glo 

Want to share your glo data plan with a friend ?, then you can make use of the same format you used in removing numbers from your shared plan.


To add any number to your glo data plan, you can either use the ussd format or the text format


Also read: New airtel night plan code: Airtel night browsing code



To add a number to your glo data plan.

Using the ussd code simply use *127*01*phone number #

E.g *127*01*0705*******# and the number would be added to your shared list


To use the text command send “share 0706*******” and send it to “127


How to buy glo data bundle


In any case you might want to buy more data bundle; you can use the following code


*777# then choose which plan you want to subscribe to.


Conclusion on how to unshare data on glo : this is just the simple guide on how to share,unshare and buy data bundle on glo

In any case if you have questions, kindly drop them in the comment box below


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how to post on nairaland forum in 4 steps


how to post on nairaland


Quick steps on how to post on nairaland forum; due to some reasons you might want to put up a post up on nairaland forum but don’t know how to go about it, no worries this post is mainly written for that.


Read on ….


Nairaland being one of the largest forum in nigeria and having more than 23,000 daily visit per day


The site has being on the web since the year 2005 and is being owned and manage by oluwaseun osewa .


Has 2,572,276 members at the time of writing this post along with 5,955,206 topics and many more post


IMG 20201031 193835 899


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You might have want to gain in some traffic over to your very own blog/website or you want to promote a product or service by posting on nairaland


I don’t know ( you know what your target is )


Firstly, if you have not created an account, do well to do that, you would need an account before getting the chance of posting on the forum


how to create an account on nairaland forum


 it is very much important that you create an account before following the next guide but if you have created an account already, do well to skip this step looking at the homepage , you should be seeing the header showing different links

how to post on nairaland forum




Click on “join nairaland” and if you already created an account click login


IMG 20201031 193835 899




The next page which shows up requires you to put in your email address


Put in your email address and click submit

IMG 20201031 193847 803




Congratulations, you have finished with the very first step, check in your email inbox for the link sent to you .


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With that link you should be able to verify that you own the email and that you are not a robot


After clicking on the link, the page that shows up requires you to put in your preferred username and password


IMG 20201031 193911 655


How to post on nairaland forum


You are free to make use of your guy name and password of your choose


Now click “join nairaland”; congratulation, you have successfully created your account.


You can login again and let’s put up a post on nairaland


Now ..


how to post on nairaland forum


Move a little bit down to were it is boldly written “nairaland nigerian forum”


Click on your preferred topic .

IMG 20201031 193924 330



Look carefully, were numbers are being written starting from 1 to no certain number


Click on “create new topic”


IMG 20201031 193939 880


A new page should open which is just where we would get the very chance to create a post .


Move down, in the box marked “subject”  put in your title there

IMG 20201031 193957 119


In the next bigger box put in your words and click submit

IMG 20201031 194009 607


Congratulations, you have successfully post on nairaland .


Any question ?, drop them in the comment box below

8+ best fiverr niches to sell out




Here are best fiverr niches to sell out and make money from; fiverr launched in the year 2010 had turned into a wide online community where people buy and sell digital services .


Fiverr being one of the biggest market place for both sellers and buyers or are ready to either sell their service out for money over to people who need them


And that is exactly what you also need (smile) you want to start selling out your skills but you may be confused on what to sell out to people


Any way, I have made a list of powerful and best fiverr gigs available to anyone who is just starting out on fiverr


A lot of people have made money from that same site you are about setting up your gig on and there are still Lots of people making money from fiverr



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After your fiverr account creation, it is very important to look out for niches that make money


Most of it don’t really need you to know about those niches; since you can make money on fiverr without skills .

Trending services on Fiverr

There are many fiverr most demanded skills but most are already competitive and with that you need to find less competitive niches on fiverr


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Below are best fiverr niches that make money


1. Digital marketing

Being one of the most expensive gig on fiverr  (niche) and under this niche we have other sub categories which you can take into and they are .


Seo, content marketing, email marketing, domain research, music promotion and many more


2. Graphic design

There are many other things which are under this and they are .


Drawing cartoons, designing flyers/postcards, making book cover,logo designing


3. WordPress

This gig has all that deals with a wordpress site .


Like, blog creation, bug fixing, website design and lot more

Low competition gigs on Fiverr

There are available niches under those gigs which can be taken

4. photo and video gigs

Yes, this is a great niche you can consider this might be

Illustrations, voice over, video editing, cartoons and comics, portraits and caricatures, photoshop editing, short video ads, viral videos e.t.c

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5. Writing niche

This deals with you writing for a specific area

this is a great niche that you can take a look into

And the sub categories are :

Proofreading and editing, content translation, content writing, creating of cover letter, write press release, write sales copy and lots more


Those are the available group of gigs available for the take; in no time, I would two or more sub categories from each


Top fiverr sellers explained what happen and how they turn out to be one of the top sellers on fiveer

The three gotten are……


Levi newman

Levi newman is a Columbian and he make $10,000 – $15,000 per month


Who make money as a copywriter; I had to increase my price per order in order to reduce orders , but people still keep placing orders – he said


Charmaine pocek

A resume writer who makes $38,000 – $48,000 per month


She also work on fiverr as a career consultant and recruiter


She says to keep her customers at ease, she let them know she would get in touch with them shortly; and she always do as promised


Redd horrocks

As a voiceover artist, redd horrocks earn $15,000 a month


Redd horrocks works in a corporate jobs and badly need to pay off her dept which made her venture into freelancing on fiverr as a voiceover artist


And those are the top fiverr sellers available


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list of high income skills in nigeria 2022



 List of high income skills in nigeria, that is what lots of people are looking forward to get in this era  and I must comment that you are lucky to arrive here since I would be showing you skill that can get you what you really desire

Those skill would need to be mastered by you, so you can start making money off while doing those work for others, with them being listed; I would show you how they work and how to learn those skills, along with resources that can help you learn more on them

So while not take a better look and get one you had love to go for and then go for it.

Also read: Best fiverr niches that can make you money

You can also get jobs into private companies if you look out for and you can also make the choose of staying on you own

1. Copy writing

Copywriting is the act of writing copies that people would love; copies that can move readers to take action to either purchase a product or service if you write trying to make them buy

It is easy said than done but you can actually do that through serious learning and commitment


There are many resources where you can learn all of that from which would help you understand what people really want

It is very difficult to write copies that sell/copies people would love to read without going to another page, I don’t really think I can hold down any readers for that long. That is why you should try this out and by learning to write what people would love to read


2. Seo (search engine optimization)

Seo is simply affecting the search engine in so as to bring in traffic (viewers) in a more simple definition seo is the ability to process a page in other for it to show up on search engine.

Here is a better example: for my blog post to show up for the word “high income skills in nigeria” I have done what it take to show up on search engine and that was what makes you see my result on google page

Most people find that to be difficult since they don’t know much about it and with that you can help them solve there problem by doing that for them while in turn pay you for your work

There are lots of resources available online but I would show you some great resource which would show you the complete ins and out of seo in very easy steps .

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3. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is an online method of making money by promoting other people’s products or services .

You can start your affiliate marketing journey with or without a website, that word “without a website” might look funny but that is the real truth

Though at the very long run you would have to build up a blog of your own so as to get the best ever

It is simply by applying to promote a product or service, then once approve you take them over to people who would be interested to buy them which makes it :

Apply + promote = commissions

There are many sites available for you to start digging into affiliate marketing and they are: amazon, eBay, shopify, clickbank, rakuten, bluehost, semrush, warrior plus e.t.c

4. Mobile app development

Mobile applications are designed to run on a mobile device,

With the way the world technology is becoming high, most people need app for one thing or the other ; mostly being used by business personnel

With that you can learn to create apps of your own and sell or create app for individual for money

There are lots of places to learn from and they are:


Advice: if you really want to learn to build an app it is more advisable that you learn from experts, (pay to learn)


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5. Programming/coding

Is a computer language used in developing software, apps and websites

Without programming there would have never being technology and we won’t have being on any social media or have the chance to read blogs or use our phones since they all run on codes being written by there developers

Many do see coding to be difficult but that is because they are not seriously committed to it.

Coding combile: html, Java, Python, CSS, c language, c++, php, SQL, to complete the form of a programmer

Resources to learn coding from include:

Code academy


6. Blogging

This is the act of writing, photography or media that’s self published online; the act of setting up an online journal or diary and letting others read and learn/get informed

And with that you can show or teach on what you know best and then getting paid in return through affiliates, promotions or google adsense

The most important thing about blogging  is to know how it works, and how to create your very own blog and monitize it which ever way you seems fit .

 7. Video animation

Animation simply means the putting together of drawing, layout and turning them into the illusion of movement

A better example available are all types of cartons

Useful resources are:

Apps are: animation creator HD free, stop motion recorder, PicsArt
Sites: voki, zimmer twins, animasher, goanimate, xtranormal

Conclusion: it is time for you to choose which one you had love to into, learn from better resources and practice till it become part of you

Title: high income skills in nigeria

15+ micro niche blog ideas for beginners

micro niche blog ideas


Showing you untapped and best micro niche blog ideas for beginners that can make money

Choosing a blog niche is very challenging since  what most guys jump into are entertainment, news and technology and which make those mentioned niche saturated and that had made most people avoid the niche and look for a profitable and an unsaturated niche all around the world

In no time I would be showing you powerful and best niches you can go into and get the best in no time


Those niches are blog niches that make money in less than two years, you just  need to follow the right steps to acquire that.

Going into those niches are dangerous and yet profitable; yes, I mean dangerous if you go the wrong way


If you end up choosing the wrong niche, you would surely end up looking for things to blog about in around the internet .

That is reason why people end up blogging and the number one reason is just because they fail in choosing a profitable niche which might make you end up your blogging career if you go the wrong way

First of all

What is  a niche blogging

Niche means a comfortable/suitable position, which means  a blog niche is a specific area being targeted by anyone and such person is much more comfortable in that area

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Which means targeting a niche would give you more targeted traffic and would also make you money in the long run

With that I would quickly show you untapped niches which you can go into and would also show you how to get a profitable niche while doing your own research

With me here I have listed about twenty five niches which you can go into and get the best but would only show the once that are great to take a look into

Make up

Girls can’t do without trying to make sure they look good to everyone around them, so they surely come looking for different things like : make up kit,bridal make up in nigeria, make up of nigerian celebrities, best make up artist in nigeria, best make up product in nigeria and lot more which means you can use that opportunity to market any related product to them though in that you can choose to target a country of your choice

Learn new skill

This is another perfect niche one can take a look into  when finding a niche that can help him/her get a lot of traffic and also earn from it

Why I find this to be a great niche to consider is just that you have the power to expand

You can show them profitable skills and how to get into those skills and you also have the chance of promoting related product over to them as time goes on

Untapped and Best blogging niches for beginners


Jobs and career

Since the rate of unemployment keep increasing still yet people keep on looking for work both online and offline

So you also have the opportunity to also expand this niche down


Micro niche blog ideas to start

More targeted niche under jobs and career are: office jobs, business jobs, job hiring, post jobs and many others


Don’t you have a phone ?; you are currently reading this through either a phone or PC which means everyone need access to a phone either big or small

This is a great niche you can take a look into and follow up with the guys around

You also have the ability of expansion if you really want, you can make it more targeted but also try having the chance to expand your reach

Review blog

I created my blog in the review niche where all I show is just review about one thing or the other and I want to say I got great result which means you can also go Into that and you can make it more targeted to a particular area


Known to be one of the most profitable blogging niches around the world today.

You can start writing review about cars,phones,tech,laptops,cameras, gymnastic apparatus and many other things

Laptop lifestyle

You can show/teach people how to live and work comfortably anywhere, anytime in the world

There are amazing topics under this which when taken can bring you more topic ideas to go after

You can also put your focus on a more specific area e.g dropshipping, online coaching, podcasting, YouTube, blogging and some more


You might be wondering why this is being listed among those I have made ; people are searching for one song or another and most people do go in search of old music which make this a more targeted niche you can put into consideration

Which means all you would do on this niche is just to focus more on music  alone and with time you are a way far from others

Diy niche

We all can’t know everything and that is why we would continue to learn more or most things  we really want to know

More targeted once are below

Financial security
Health maintenance

Make money online niche

With the opportunities that are available in this niche you can easily get your way through by knowing exactly what your audience are searching for and there by taking it over to them and making money from them with or without google adsense


This is a powerful niche which when worked on can give you great and better return since people are searching things around them, while trying to show some words I came around some words on google and they Are: agriculture in nigeria, agriculture loan in nigeria, nigeria agriculture facts, agriculture contribution to nigeria (I can choose to target my country)

Which means you can easily get your head out without anyone competing with you


Here are what you need to know before choosing a niche

If I don’t let you know this you might end your blogging career due to disappointment and lack of ideas, I have experienced that and that is one of the reason why I would give you those tips to choosing your own niche without getting stuck as time goes on

To cut my story short (smile), I created a blog on the food and recipe niche got a  good domain name (dinnerforeight) then I got stuck after writing two content

Why ?

I got stuck writing because I don’t know much on that niche

Tips to choosing a profitable niche

  1. Know more about the niche
  2. make sure it’s a niche you can make money from with/without google adsense
  3. know more topic ideas

How to find micro niche ideas


Any moment from now i will be showing you how to find those niche sites ideas yourself without having to pay anyone to do it for you

I do make use of different tools when ever am looking out for a profitable niche in for the take

Move over to google search bar and put word of your interest e.g “online courses”


Conclusion: one of the greatest thing to success in blogging is by knowing what you are good at and also doing what you love to do; not knowing what to write on is one of the main reason most people fail in blogging
Good luck