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Best untapped business in nigeria


untapped business in nigeria



best untapped business in nigeria by going through skill acquisition training, there are numerous business which one can easily start here in nigeria but what I noticed among most of those business are that you can hardly make profits when being taken

 But here, I have gotten about fifteen (15) hot business you can consider and start up with little to no investment

What are untapped business

 Without much delay, untapped business are once that are not common among one you might know of ; most of the businesses we see today are already being covered by most people and with that you might hardly get head out over others
Being that some you usually see often had successfully gain ground on a business does not mean you have to go into it and I have also make it more easy for you to understand by dividing them into two category “the offline business” and the “online business” ; it would be your turn to choose which category you had like to go into
untapped offline business in nigeria
 there are enough numbers of profitable business in nigeria which can be done offline which might need little to no capital

cosmetics production/business in nigeria

 there is nothing bad in trying some things out sometimes; anyway, if you know more about  cosmetics/cream you can start production of cream or mixing of cream mostly for ladies who need them
you can also start selling creams, powder, just anything needed for body or facial treatment this way you are bound to make money monthly with little capital.

recharge card production/selling in nigeria

  with about #100,000 or more you could start the production of recharge card and selling out for profit making
to start a recharge card printing business you would need :
computer: this would be used in getting access to the recharge code which you would have to print out
recharge card software: this is the software needed in generating the recharge recharge card pins ; you can generate as much as you want using the software though you have to buy the numbers of recharge pins from trusted source.
printing machine: you would need a printing machine to print out your generated recharge card pins

liquid/solid soap production in nigeria

  this is something we can  never do without; yes, soap can never be exempted from use either in the house, office or schools etc
through that you can make money by producing either solid or liquid soap then putting it up for sale
you can also stand out from the numbers of people doing same thing by making your unique by branding your products and selling out to wholesalers or retailers; don’t worry much if you don’t know how to make a liquid/solid soap I have made a link available for you to learn from. learn how to make liquid or solid soap making here

fish farming business in nigeria

  starting up a fish farming in nigeria would require your money, time, patience and of all commitment
this is a very lucrative business I can go for if i find the opportunity to.
{ -link here: fishery farming-}
sales of mobile phones and repair
   buying phones at lower price and selling out at higher price ; though it is known that you would need more than 50k in setting up a mobile phone stall apart from the money needed in getting a shop were you keep in the phones and accessories
 you can also start repairing faulty phone for money (only if you knows how to fix up a faulty phone)

mini importation business in nigeria

  it comes in place when you buy a product at very lower price and sell out at higher price
 I can decide to get a tracker for the price tag #800 per pair with that I would be making more money than imagined

untapped business in nigeria andone can start

Kennedy prosper can take you through on mini importation if you don’t know where to start from
training center in nigeria
  though this is not specific but you can make money training people on what you know how to do
this has no limitation to what you can teach  people who are interested to learn from you
you can take people through what you know is profitable here in nigeria

web design and maintainace

  you can start designing website for companies or private individuals
today, people keep setting up blogs/website for there business or personal use; you can easily learn how to setup a blog which takes nothing less than (40) forty minutes
there are many web designers who are ready to teach you how to build up a blog step by step.

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per work you could be making about 100k per work done, though you can get the job and get an experienced designer to setup the site while you pay him something less while you keep the profit.

ghost writing business

  there are thousands of blog existing on the internet today where the content available on them are not being written by the owner of the blog/website
 a ghost writer is a person who write for blogs/websites without being given credit for writing; though they are being paid for the content they write
 you can become a writer and earn nothing less than 10k per content

blogging business in nigeria

  gracefully, I have a blog where i share thought on what I know which in turn I can start making money from
 you could be making nothing less than 30k for a start which could improve when more effort is being applied
running a blog requires less than 10k yearly
though it might increase when you get you plan ahead
conclusion: with those given list, it is now your turn to get what you had love to do ; go into it and implement what you should
Topic: untapped business in nigeria
good luck !

why isn’t anybody coming to my website


Why isn't anybody coming to my website


why isn’t anybody coming to my website; this is just one among thousands of question webmasters do search/ask themselves

So in this post I would show you possible reason why no one is seeing/visiting your site and with that you should be able to solve that problem and never make such mistake again

Most do think there are secrets seo experts don’t tell everyone about which I don’t believe to be true; late 2018 I created my first blog even though I knew nothing much to driving traffic over to a website but with few videos and some research I was able to rank my first article on google first page

Though as of that time I never go out of the country target  since I knew I don’t know what it takes to do research and rank all I do as of then was to follow up a blog then get his ranking keyword then apply it on mine

I do see ladies blog ranking as if they had done what no one can ever do but it was never what I think

So here are possible reasons why no one is coming over to your blog so I would want you to check your site over for those possible thing that might have caused that and make sure they are all in order

Slow website

Users can never wait a minute for a page to open up when that happen they would they would bounce back and  go for another site

Here are reason why you site might be loading slowly

Unoptimized images: when images are not optimized to load faster it makes a overall site load slow which in turn gives users bad experience


Most people believe to many plugins can cause a page to load slowly; I won’t call that a lie but you can fix that by deactivating all plugins then activate them one after the other and test run the site to see which plugin makes it load slowly

There are other factors that might cause your site to load slow and they are seen listed below

Large media files
bulk site code

Why isn’t anybody coming to my website

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No keyword research

Most people still do make such mistake when it comes to keyword research; they don’t think of doing there keyword research

Most don’t know what keyword research is, all they care about is just to write any word that comes to there mind then write on it and think it Would get over to the audience

You might not be among such people anyway; which means you are missing out something else


 Competitive keywords

I do usually get into this most time when ever I pick up a keyword I think I can rank for easily; example of such keyword is ‘tubebuddy review’ where all sites ranking are of  high authority except a blog having a domain authority of 6 as of then though most people believe domain Authority don’t count but it was some what wrong

I picked up the keyword, wrote on it and was expecting myself to show up on google first page, even though I wrote a lengthy content almost meeting the numbers of words a blog ranking has  but that never made me get to the seventh page

Let me quickly show you a way to do keyword research ( for the sake of those who don’t really know )

Get your hands on moz chrome extension,surfer extension, let’s make use of google auto suggest bar

Start by typing in your primary keyword into the search bar to give you a more longer tail keyword

The longer a keyword is, the better can it might be to getting a great keyword

Analyze the first page of google to see if any blog is targeting the keyword, if there are too many sites targeting the keyword, forget that keyy and look for another until you see a keyword no one is actually targeting


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Always try to see if there are more blogs coming from the second or third page ( if there are sites coming  from those pages, leave the keyword since it would be very competitive at the later end )

Now !

What makes a keyword easy to rank ?

When a keyword might become easy is when no one is targeting the keyword

When there are more low authority sites ranking on the first page of google. (sites having domain authority below 30 )

Stuffed keywords

You might not be getting visitors if you stuff your keywords while writing

Always follow the simple guide to writing a well optimized content

To write a well optimized content:

Use the keyword at the first 100 words of your content
use your keyword as the h2 tag in your content
Use your target keyword at the end of your content

With that you have written a well optimized content without stuffing your keywords


SSL certificate

Most webmaster don’t usually get a ssl certificate for there site which makes it unsafe for its users; when ever a user is about visiting such pages the browser do notify them of being unsafe  and would ask them to go back to there search result thus that would make one loss a visitor
Get an ssl certificate for your website if you have not


New blog

It could be difficult to start getting traffic over to a blog created today; except if the owner is making use of an expired domain

If your site is still in the range of 1 week old it is advisable you give it some time to improve

No backlinks

Though it is very much possible to start getting traffic to a post with no backlink but it would be difficult for an entire site with no backlink to get traffic easily

You can build some backlinks over to your blog to improve your ranking by building: profile backlinks, comment backlinks, social backlinks, and any other once you might know of


 Not yet indexed

You might have created your site, and publish one or more contents but have you checked google to see if your blog had being indexed simply use the format: URL:yoursite.com to see if your site appears

Site had being deindexed

 Due to some reason google might have deindexed your site from search engine (remove your site) there are few reason why google deindexed a site from the search engine

building bad backlinks

Keyword everywhere extension for andriod

IMG 20201006 113404 582


keyword everywhere extension for android and the ultimate guide on how to install and make use of it in order to get  keywords, search volume,CPC and competition

I am very sure you most have being looking forward to get this in doing all I have mentioned early

Now !

I would show you everything you need to know without hiding away any thing from you

what is keyword everywhere

 Keywords everywhere is a research tool offer to all individual by keywordseverywhere.com which help every one who has a web space available to know what they need to know on keyword, CPC and volume of people searching
How does keyword everywhere works
 Keywords everywhere try getting what people are searching on different sites and then showing you available data which you might need in doing your work by either using them when trying to use google ads or using it on your blog
I would show you how to make use of it in doing your keyword research

Keywords everywhere review

Here are everything that makes up the tool called keywords everywhere

Volume: keyword everywhere provide you with volume of people searching for a particular keyword per month

CPC: this is mostly for advertisers, which help them know how much they makes per click, when they target that particular keyword

Com: keyword everywhere “com” for google ads bidders,which means you can’t make use of it as a blogger

What is CPC in keyword everywhere

.The the CPC which keywords everywhere gives are mostly for google advertisers and bidders,which help them knows how much they are forgetting about it

Keywords everywhere availability

keyword everywhere is available for chrome browsers but can’t be used on mobile phone chrome but not to worry I would show you how you can make use of it on your mobile phone and get all data just like PC do

keyword everywhere for android

keyword everywhere can’t be gotten on your chrome browser but remember you can still make use if it but not with your chrome browser

with that tactic keyword everywhere download is available for mobile also

Keyword everywhere seo

I would also show you how to make use of keyword everywhere in doing keyword everywhere in doing keyword research and getting the next keyword for your blog

Let’s dig in.

keyword everywhere extension for android and how to use keyword everywhere

I would be showing you how to install and make use of keyword everywhere any moment from now
How to install keyword everywhere
 To get the keyword everywhere install on your browser (for PC users and android users)
PC users
 Go to your chrome browser and search ” keyword everywhere ” and there is the result showing, among the result chrome.google.com should be chosen then sign in and add the extension to your browser
For android users
 Install yandex browser which is in red colour from playstore after installation go to chrome.google.com and click on the sign in link and search for keyword everywhere and click add to chrome and wait while it ask for permission to add extension to chrome

Keyword everywhere api key

After you have added the extension; another page come in place where you have to request to get a new api key

Put in your email and click the “get Api key”

It would be sent to your phone in few moment which you would have to copy the api key to activate your extension

Now go to your yandex browser and click settings then click “extensions” then click keyword everywhere extension and put in your api key then click activate

Congratulation, it is time to make use of the tool in finding keywords

How to get easy to rank keyword using keyword everywhere

Getting to know keyword everywhere competition score had put a lot of online marketers into getting keyword they can’t rank for easily

Keywords everywhere tutorial

Let make use of the tool in getting keywords for seo

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search on any seed keyword then click the “desktop view” it should be showing you search volume, CPC and com

Use it in searching by for more long tail Keywords in other to get a more easy to rank keyword for your next blog post

To analyse google first page check the URL,title,description tags to see if any one is targeting the keyword in them


how to add user to google search console in 8 steps



Would be showing you how to add user to google search console and all you need to know about google search console


Read all through


It is very much important to give permission to a person working on your blog in other for them to see how well the blog is performing and also have access to your site data so as to help the blog perform better


What is google search console

The google search console help website owners measure their site traffic, help fix issues that might occur on the site


google search console  also shows how a site perform and what help it perform better on the search engines.

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What is google search console used for

As explained earlier, google search console can be used for numerous things such as checking website performance



Google search console can also be used to get keywords for a new blog post





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And can also be used to crawl pages and get them index on google search engine.




What does google search console crawl do

The google search console crawler can be used to get blog post index (show) on google


And when submitted, it should show like the image below



What are queries in google search console

Google search console queries are terms which helps people get into our blog posts.

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Google search console queries help us know which keyword term bring in visitors over to our website and help know how to optimize our blog/website for better visibility


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Add user to google search console


How to use google search console

google search console can be used for lots of things which are:

getting new keywords

Indexing blog post

checking links


security issues


to learn more on how to use google search console read here for more guide


How to get google search console

Google search console

Is google search console free

Yes, right from time; google search console had being free for every web master

Now !


How to add user to google search console


Now to add a user to your search console


Open up your search console and click on the three lines available above at the left hand side



Now, move down to setting 

Click on it



Move over to settings which is located among the options listed




Click over on users and permissions which is where we would be adding the user of our choice




Click On the add user icon showing above the listed users available

(Check the screen shot above)




Now in the first box available, put in the user you wish to add up

In the second box available it shows what you want to be available for your new user

Which means being set in full means your user has the chance to see all that is going on in your console

Can also do what ever he wish since he has the full control

But then you can avoid that by restricting the user from having full control

Just Change the full to strict and boom, you have choice what you want your user to have control on.



Congratulations you have successful added a user to your search console, remember your user can take over your blog from you

They only see how your blog perform and also has the keywords that brings in traffic over to it .

With this anyone can easily work on improving the blog performance by working on it base on what he receive from the search console account