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300+ sarcastic facebook statuses that will get likes

  Here are sarcastic facebook statuses that will get likes ; I mean lots of likes if you are on the right path.  This happens to me a very  long time and all I do think is if I really have people who do see my status. And yes, there are lots of people who do see and read my facebook status but don't really like it because . * not funny or makes no sense * you don't foster engagement * not posting media  * targeting the wrong followers * posting too often * you lack creativity * you are not engaging in the others posts   The above listed are reasons why no one like your facebook status .  But no worries, after those status given; I have explained a better way to get it done without breaking rules . Also read :  How to unshare and share data on glo 1. Spread kindness not germs . 2. Stay positive, better days are on their way 3. I will make a promise i would not do it again. 4. I am working hard because i realised that money don't walk by itself into my pocket 5. If you don