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how to get free internet on android using vpn (5+ most used browsing vpn)

   how to get free internet on android using vpn; and with that  there are a lot that have being listed below, which means you would have to spend less on your data.     Most of those apps are not VPN apps but works when instructions are being followed, which means you might have to follow some little instruction.  These apps work for all networks which includes; Glo,9mobile,Vodofone,MTN,Cell C,Airtel,Sun,Orange,Flow,Telkomsel,Digicel and many more. #1. PSiPHON pro VPN     This VPN has being working for quite some time now, and is known to work on all sims.   To enjoy the free browsing claimed; -Download the app and open it with the sim you prefer. -Click on START and wait while the VPN gets connected. -Once connected you can start browsing,downloading and streaming online without having a subscribed data bundle. Also read:  How to share and unshare data on glo easily #2. Netloop VPN    After being rebranded, the VPN now has proxy server and VPN;this vpn works with 0.0kb tweak and the

how to unshare data on glo without knowing the number

   How to unshare data on glo; just notice the rate at which people currently do search for a way to unshare their glo data due to one reason or the other Just noticed that your data do get exhausted than it always was after you have shared with a friend or close relative  To better save your data and money it is better to remove such number from sharing your data plan with you . Also read: Airtel my offer: best airtel subscription for users To check out and know who you are sharing your glo data plan, kindly send the word " list " to the number 127    The other way round, you can choose to make use of USSD command to get the list of who you are sharing your data with . Also read:   free browsing with vpn: free browsing settings  Getting the list of those you share your data with, kindly dial *127*00# and the list would be made available to you  Having know who you are sharing your data with; you can choose to remove them by either making use of ussd code or by making use of

best fiverr niches to sell out

Here are best fiverr niches to sell out and make money from; fiverr launched in the year 2010 had turned into a wide online community where people buy and sell digital services .  Fiverr being one of the biggest market place for both sellers and buyers or are ready to either sell their service out for money over to people who need them  And that is exactly what you also need (smile) you want to start selling out your skills but you may be confused on what to sell out to people  Any way, I have made a list of powerful and best fiverr gigs available to anyone who is just starting out on fiverr   A lot of people have made money from that same site you are about setting up your gig on and there are still Lots of people making money from fiverr Also read:  High income skills in nigeria you can start with 100k below  After your fiverr account creation, it is very important to look out for niches that make money  Most of it don't really need you to know about those niches; since you can m

how to post on nairaland forum

    Quick steps on how to post on nairaland forum; due to some reasons you might want to put up a post up on nairaland forum but don't know how to go about it, no worries this post is mainly written for that. Read on ....  Nairaland being one of the largest forum in nigeria and having more than 23,000 daily visit per day  The site has being on the web since the year 2005 and is being owned and manage by oluwaseun osewa .  Has 2,572,276 members at the time of writing this post along with 5,955,206 topics and many more post  You might have want to gain in some traffic over to your very own blog/website or you want to promote a product or service by posting on nairaland  I don't know ( you know what your target is )  Firstly, if you have not created an account, do well to do that, you would need an account before getting the chance of posting on the forum how to create an account on nairaland forum   it is very much important that you create an account before following the next gu